10 Best Dogs That Are Perfect For Travel (With Photos)

If you enjoy flying and going on adventures and now you thinking about getting a dog to a company you “but” your unsure which are the best dogs for travel then you’re in the right place!

First, you may have to find a breed of dog which is up to such a challenge.

There are several travel-oriented dog breeds that might enjoy traveling by car, train, or plane much more than most other, clumsier breeds.

Dogs who are “travel-friendly” are likely to create less difficulty when on the road.

They will become more relaxed and comfortable, with needless treatment when traveling, and airlines will be more eager to allow them on board than dogs that can’t relax.

List Of The 10 Best Dogs For Travel

Some dog breeds would be better for globe-trotting than others when you intend to travel.

However, it really comes down to you and how you prefer to travel.

If your someone who’s going to do a lot of flight travel, for example, then your better off with a small dog making it easier to travel by airline.

“But” if you prefer hiking then this is where you need a medium or large dog “so you see” the options vary depending on how you travel.

So, to give you an idea below is a list of the best dogs for travel and why!

1. Dachshund


A sweet, inquisitive breed, Dachshunds are usually adventurous dogs eager to do new experiences with their owners, especially travel.

Small dogs are a lot easier to travel with, because instead of traveling in freight, they use less space on flights and can typically be brought with you, and the Dachshund is one of those.

A full-grown standard dachshund averages 16 lb (7.3 kg) to 32 lb (15 kg)

Why Dachshund Breeds Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Perfect Size For Flight Travel
  • Comfortably Fit In A Dog Crate
  • Can Travel On Bus, Trains, Cars
  • Can Be Easily Carried

Dachshund Breeds can fit comfortably in a dog crate or carrier with their long, thin bodies. If you are looking for the best dog breeds for travel, then the Dachshund can be a perfect option for you.

2. Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terriers, tireless dogs, are responsive and love exploring.

Their size makes them very easy to fly with, their weight comes in at around 5.0–5.5 kg (11.0–12.1 lb) and height of 24–25.5 cm (9.4–10.0 in) making them easy to transport.

While most car and airline travel are mostly pet-friendly, it is a little bit more challenging to travel by train or bus.

On many buses or trains, certain dogs are not allowed, local bus and rail companies use their own rules.

While on a cruise you may do better.

The QE2 cruise ship, for example, which travels from New York City to France and England, provides dogs with special accommodation and free meals.  

Why Norwich Terriers Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Very Sociable While Traveling
  • Can Travel On Bus, Trains, Cars
  • Can Travel By Flight & Ferry
  • Can Fit Into Most Carriers

Service dogs are permitted on all public transit modes.

However, before deciding to take your dog to any airport ferry bus station always review the companies policies you plan to ride with first before you travel.

3. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

This medium-sized dog breed that has a height of 50–57 cm (20–22 in) for males and females at 43–52 cm (17–20 in) with a background of swimming likes to take trips to the beach or lake.

They can learn how to travel in the car easily because the Portuguese Water Dog is much easier to train.

This dog is also a non-shedding breed, so you do not need to care about fur getting everywhere in the car. This is one of the best dogs for travel.

Why Portuguese Breeds Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Much Easier To Train & Please
  • Can Travel On Bus, Trains, Cars
  • Can Travel On Ferries Or By Flight
  • Very Friendly With Other Dogs

Remember to bring your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup before you hit the open roads with your puppy, particularly if you are planning to go on an extended vacation.  

Make sure that all the vaccines for your dog are up-to-date and that you have your shot records with you.

Specific health certifications would be needed for airline travel, which you can easily get from the airline you are traveling to. 

4. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers, have a maximum size is 7 pounds (3.2 kg) that is a social dog breed that gets along very well with other dogs and is loyal to its owner, want to go everywhere their owners go.

Yorkies are the most popular breed in New York. It is one of the most compact breeds and does very well in small rooms. So, this is one of the best dogs for traveling.  

Why Yorkshire Terriers Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Perfect Size For Flight Travel
  • Very Small Easy To Transport
  • Excepted On All Transportation
  • Can Comfortably Fit In A Dog Crate

They shine as travel companions with their optimistic personalities and can travel on all forms of transportation and if you choose to travel by flight they can even travel with you in the cabin of the plane.

5. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are another active breed, that typically weighs in at 29–36 kg (65–80 lb) and has a height of 56–57 cm (22–22 in) eager to hop into the car and go everywhere you go. Soft, smart, and quick to train.

They also perform well on their trips with fishermen and hunters as sports dogs and are very patient. These qualities make them great to travel with.

Why Labradors Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Perfect For Long Walks & Hiking
  • Smart, and Easy To Train
  • Can Travel By Car, Plane Or Ferry
  • Easy To Adapt To New Environments

They can travel on most airlines, however, if you are going to fly with your Labrador, make sure you have all the right essentials for your trip most notably a crate, for traveling, as this is a requirement on all airlines.

“But” unfortunately because of the labrador’s size they cannot travel in the cabin, so they will have to travel in the cargo of the plane.

6. Brittany Gun Dog

Brittany Gun Dog

Brittany is a breed of gun dogs that are bred primarily for bird hunting and are slightly smaller than most sports dog breeds. 

Brittanys are medium-sized dogs, that measure (17.5–20.5 inches (44–52 cm).

They are easy to train, very intelligent, and sweet-natured.

They make great companions, family pets, and field dogs and are eager to please, and are very friendly around people and other dogs.

Why Brittany Breeds Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Very Intelligent
  • Can Adapt To New Environments
  • Can Travel By Car, Plane Or Ferry
  • Sociable When Traveling

They can easily adapt to new situations and environments making them great dogs to travel with.

7. Pomeranian


Pomeranians are very small dogs weighing in at 1.36–3.17 kilograms (3.0–7.0 lb) and standing at 8–14 inches (20–36 cm) high. They are very friendly dogs lively, and playful and not to mention very cute.

Because of their size, they are very easy to move around and can travel on most airlines, buses, trains, cars, and even ferries without any problems.

Why Pomeranian Breeds Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Perfect Size For Flight Travel
  • Can Travel On All Transportation
  • Comfortably Fit In A Dog Crate
  • Can Be Easily Carried

Pomeranians can do very well in small spaces and are typically well-behaved they are also the most common choice of dog breeds for celebrities as they are very easy to travel with.

8. Maltese


The Maltese is very easy to hold and is often eager to meet new friends. It is a toy breed that usually weighs below seven pounds.

The long, flowing fur is low-shedding (a car bonus) and can even be significantly cut for easier travel in a puppy cut.

While your Maltese could be tiny enough to be transported wherever you go, ensure that your dog still wears a dog collar with name tags in case your dog gets away from you when you are traveling.

Why Maltese Breeds Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Easy To Move Around
  • Can Travel On Bus, Plane, Car & Ferries
  • Very Sociable When Traveling
  • Can Easily Fit Into A Dog Crate

Whenever you are outside in a new place, you should keep him on a secure dog leash.

9. Russell Terrier

Russell Terrier

The Russell Terrier is one of the easiest dogs to travel with because it is a domestic dog.

They are caring and pleasant and can make every journey much happier.

They have the perfect size for travel of  20–30 cm (8–12 in) so it’s easy and convenient to choose and go from 1 location to another.

Russell Terriers will be a perfect addition to the family trip and can adapt to any situation.

Why Russell Terriers Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Very Intelligent
  • Easy To Train When Traveling
  • Can Travel On Planes, Buses, Cars, Ferries
  • Can Easily Fit Into Dog Carriers

It is an energetic breed that’s smart, easy to train, and enjoys living with its family.

Its small, rectangular body is the ideal size for easier travel.

10. Toy Fox Terriers

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terriers are funny and sweet, they are a very playful breed they size makes it very easy for them to travel with.

Their height ranges from 8.5–11.5 inches at the shoulder (21.5–29.2 cm) and weight from 3.5-9 pounds.

Why Toy Fox Terriers Make Good Traveling Dogs

  • Can Travel On Planes, Trains Car Buses
  • Easy To Move Around
  • Very Intelligent
  • Easy To Train

Toy Fox Terriers, are very intelligent breeds, easy to train, and can learn to respond to a number of words that make great companions for owners, making them a perfect breed for traveling.

Related Article

When Choosing A Dog For Travel

Before you choose your dog for traveling with there are some important factors you need to take into account and think about first before you go ahead and commit to that breed.

As mentioned at the start it really depends on “how you will be traveling” if you be traveling by airline then a very small dog would be your best option.

If your be camping or hiking mostly then a medium-type dog would be your next option. There are all kinds of options but it really comes down to how you prefer to travel.


Another important factor when looking for the best dogs for travel is those who are respectful and can be trained easily and follow your orders.

When your dog is social and gets friendly with children and other animals, this is even better. Well-behaved dogs are a lot safer choice for travelers around the world.


If a dog breed likes barking and doing it excessively, living in hotels or camping sites may be an issue.

You risk upsetting others and getting complaints about the noise.

That does not matter, though, when you are hiking individually or only with your mates.

It depends on how you move, and where you are staying. Before choosing the best dogs for travel, consider the sort of travel you intend to do.


During longer journeys, calmer breeds would be happier than those that are aggressive.

If you fly shorter distances or travel by car, then this is not an issue.

Smaller dogs usually need less activity than larger dogs. During longer journeys, proactive dogs can become anxious.

When you hit the road, at minimum every few hours, you will need to ensure that the schedule breaks.

Best Dogs For Travel Tips

So if this is your first time traveling with a dog then this part is basically some travel trips you need to know before planning ahead with your travel plans.

For some people traveling abroad with a dog can be very complicated if there don’t know the rules and requirements, especially for the first time.

Being prepared is key for a successful journey But once you have made that first trip abroad with your dog that you will know exactly what to do the second time around.

So here are some useful tips so you know what to expect and most important things you will need before heading off on your journey together.

Traveling With A Dog By Plane

If you are going to fly with your Dog, you will need to ensure that you have the right equipment, most notably an airline-approved travel crate, for flying.

When buying travel dog crates you should look for the following features…

  • Wide enough so the dog can stand, move around, and sleep
  • Solid, free from internal protrusions, with grips and handles
  • The bottom is leakproof and coated with absorbent material
  • Plenty of ventilation on opposite sides of the carrier

Every airline has its own rules for traveling with a dog, so contact the airline for details and make plans if you want to carry your dog on the plane.

At a certain time of year, some airlines will not allow pets or certain breeds, so you would have to keep it in mind too.

The airlines will need to see your dog’s health certificates, passport, and documentation of vaccines before they can board.

All of this paperwork is issued by an official veterinarian your dog will be required to go through some tests first to get things moving all you need to do is contact your local veterinarian and they will advise you further.

Traveling With A Dog By Car

Keep these tips and tricks in your mind as you plan to take your dog on a road trip in your car.

  • Make sure you take plenty of water before you set off on your road trip
  • Keep your vehicle well-ventilated. Be sure that clean air can enter the car
  • Stop repeatedly for potty breaks and let your dog stretch their legs
  • Never, leave your dog alone in a locked car, especially in the summer

Traveling With A Dog By Bus

A perfect way to save money or slash private carbon pollution, be it at home or on a holiday, is to travel by bus.

Sadly, while buses are comfortable at low rates and regular stops at significant landmarks, they are not an efficient method for your dog to travel.

While going by bus with a dog, there are many variables to consider, thankfully, if you plan, you can prevent any dog-related issues during your bus travel.

  • To ensure that your dog can ride, call the bus service before time. 
  • Check the specific guidelines or protocols so you know what to expect
  • Make dog food and some toys readily accessible in your pockets
  • Take into consideration the usual attitude of the animal.

Even when the bus just needs a leash, if he is always scared of outsiders and can attempt to run and hideaway on the bus, you might need to think of creating your pet.

Carry with you the evidence of rabies vaccination and the current health certificate if your bus will cross international borders or state.

Traveling With A Dog By Ferry

The pet policy of most ferries focuses almost exclusively on dogs since these are the pets most often transported.

A small percentage of ferries accept dogs and other animals. 

Usually, ferries offer two alternatives for traveling with dogs overseas. First, during your trip, they might be locked in the car in the cargo compartment.

They can, instead, be put in the onboard kennels. Not every ferry provides both options, and with either option, there is usually a fee.

Staying With A Dog In Hotel

If you intend to book a hotel with your dog, there are some things you need to consider, for example, you need to figure out in advance which motels or hotels are at your location that allows dogs.

If the dog is permitted to live in a hotel, respect the other guests, workers, and the building, inquire about the management where you can take your dog for a walk, and clean up after it.

Never leave a dog unmonitored. Many dogs can bark or damage property when left alone in a new location.

Note that 1 negative incident with the dog guest can lead the hotel management to refuse to allow any dogs.

Be respectful of others and end up leaving your room and the floor in a good condition.

Dog Travel Essentials

It is not always an easy task to travel with dogs, even though your dog loves to sit in a car or doesn’t fear flying in a plane. You must be ready and equipped for the journey.

Think of the journey, make the appropriate plans, and the equipment you may need. The items you will need to take on a trip are as followed…

  • Airline-approved carrier
  • Water, food, snacks
  • Dog’s favorite toys
  • Harness, leash, and collar
  • Dog’s seat belt
  • Car seat for the dog
  • Medication for motion sickness

Dog supplies will vary depending on the kind of transport you are going to use and your ultimate destination.

If you are just taking a quick trip to the home of a friend in the town, you will not need much stuff.

But if you want to spend a couple of weeks in a foreign hotel, you will have to pack some essentials.

Then please ensure your dog is healthy and fully prepared to travel all the way.

Again, this is going to depend on how long you are away, and where you are traveling.

To ensure that your dog is safe enough for a long flight or a quick car ride, consult with your vet.

Based on where you are heading, you might need to check your dog on vaccinations before leaving the house.


So there you have it that’s our list of 10 best dogs that are perfect for travel, whether that’s by plane, bus, car, ferry, or even train. “But” remember you are responsible to keep the dog under control.

Not everyone loves dogs the way you do, and occasionally you can meet someone who does not want to sit beside your dog so you should respect them while traveling with your dog.