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Everything You Need To Know When Travelling with Dogs

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10 Best Dogs That Are Perfect For Travel

If you enjoy flying and going on adventures and now your thinking about getting a dog to a company you "but" your unsure which are the best dogs for travel then you're in the right place! First, you may have to find a breed of dog which is up to such a challenge.

Airlines That Allow Large Dogs In The Cabin

Most dog owners want their dogs to travel with them in the cabin because they want to keep an eye on their pets at all times to ensure their safety. Not only that but traveling on an airplane is not always a comfortable experience and having their owner close by can help keep them calm.

10 Best Dog Muzzles That Allow Drinking: 2021

Dog muzzles come in all different styles and are commonly used when traveling with a dog in public. This is mainly to keep themselves and others safe “But” did you know that there are some cities depending on what country you live in that actually require your dog to be muzzled?

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Here at dogs travel guide, we cover a wide range of topics when traveling with your dogs. We provide useful tips and general travel advice to help make your journey more comfortable and hassle free. Everything from travel destinations, the rules, and requirements when taking pets abroad, and more…

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