4 Best Anti-Bark Collars for German Shepherds in 2023

Anti-Bark Collar for German Shepherds

Do you have a German Shepherd back at home? German Shepherds are one prime choice when it comes to pet dogs.

However, with such dogs, pet owners have to deal with a by-product, that is, ‘the annoyance of barking.’

If training and other methods haven’t shown any improvement in your German Shepherd’s barking, then it’s time to try the Anti-Bark Collar. 

There are several types and varieties of Anti-Bark collars available in the marketplace.

This article will help you in choosing the best and most suitable anti-bark collar for your German Shepherd.

We will also highlight the critical purchasing factors and how to use an Anti-Bark Collar safely?

While you bring a German Shephard home, the first task is to train the pet. No matter which pets you own, training is crucial for all.

Though when it comes to adult dogs or some exceptional ones, training isn’t always sufficient.

Adult German Shepherds who bark unstoppably and won’t shut by owner’s command might want an Anti-Bark collar eventually.  

What is an Anti-Bark Collar?

An Anti-Bark collar is a particular type of collar or device that helps in controlling the tendency of excessive barking in dogs.

Such collars have a unique mechanism like sound, vibration, shock, etc., that discourages barking.

Dogs who are challenging to handle even after training would improve their behavior after wearing an Anti-Bark Collar. 

There are several types of Anti-Bark collars; let’s quickly go through them.

  • Sound Anti-Bark Collars: Such anti-bark collars produce a high-intensity sound that only dogs can hear. It will produce some whistle-like sound that humans won’t be able to hear, but your dog will sense and stop barking.
  • Static Anti-Bark Collars: Such collars, upon sensing a dog barking, will stimulate some kind of vibration, beep, or shock. With effect to that, your German Shephard will improve their barking habits.
  • Spray Anti-Bark Collars: Such collars sense a dog barking and immediately burst a spray, possibly citronella or lemon, near your dog’s nose. Such sprays are mostly non-toxic and won’t harm your pets. 
  • Waterproof Bark Collars: Such collars use multiple Static modes and are functional even if your dog is under the rain. They might not be the most powerful but will work well for small dogs. 
  • Ultrasonic Bark Collars: Such anti-bark collars are similar to sound-producing ones. Ultrasonic collars use a microphone to sense a dog’s bark and meanwhile transmit a high-frequency sound or vibration. Both the sound and vibration, though, are audible only to the dog. 

How does an Anti-Bark collar work?

Anti-bark collars come with a sensor that, upon sensing your dog’s bark, stimulates the operations.

Or if not sensor, such collar can come with a remote allowing the owner to press the button and let the collar operate. 

For small dogs, a mild level of correction would go fine, however for bigger/ adult German Shepherds; the intensity too must be high. 

When does your German Shepherd need an Anti-Bark collar?

German Shepherds are highly smart and incredible trainees. If taught right, they will adapt most of the habits.

Though, some German Shepherds have strong willpower and need an Anti-bark collar to improve their barking habits. 

Typically, the pup German Shepherds are easy to control through commands and training.

It is also advisable to avoid using an Anti-Bark collar with pups. However, with pups of and over ten weeks, owners can use an Anti-Bark collar.  

Anti-Bark Collar- Buying Guide 

Before you even look for the Anti-Bark collars available in the marketplace, you must know your intended purpose.

Best and suitable choices are mostly as per personal input and sometimes experts’ advice.

Below we have compiled a buying guide that will help you ease down your Anti-Bark collar buying process. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Anti-Bark Collar

  • Intensity Level

All types of Anti-bark collars possess a different level of intensity.

For a small German Shephard or the one who gets scared easily, you might not actually need an Anti-Bark collar. 

While choosing the Intensity level, consider the size of your German Shephard and how stubborn their barking behavior is.

A moderately barking dog is easy to train and control via Spray Anti-Bark Collars.

Though for German Shepherds who are rowdy by nature, you might need a sound, static, and or ultrasonic collar. 

  • Types of Correction methods

As discussed earlier, several collars use different types of correction methods such as sound, vibration, spray, or static shock.

While you are just beginning with using an anti-bark collar, consider going for the ones with spray and vibration.

Try training your dog with easy correction methods and monitor how do they respond. 

Before going for the Static shock correction method, make sure your dog really needs it.

Because it is something intense and a little harsh, avoid using Static shock until it is the only option left. 

  • Collar Size and weight

Anti-bark collars are always bulkier than regular dog collars. Because they have a box attached with them,

they can get really uncomfortable and annoying for your dog.

While buying an anti-bark collar, make sure you opt for the one which is compact and light-weighted.

Wearing an unwanted collar for a long time can irritate your dog, which will eventually result in increased barking. 

  • Collar Material

To ease down the effect of weight and size:

Invest in an anti-bark collar that is easy and comfortable to wear.

Go for the one made up of nylon or leather.

Because German Shephard grows enormous and powerful, let the collar be thick as your thumb and have a strong clasp. 

  • Safety Features

Safety is always one crucial point while using an anti-bark collar.

As a pet owner, make sure that your dog is not treated with shocks inappropriately.

Go for collars that come with smart-anti false triggering, which can differentiate between your German Shepherd’s bark and other dogs’ bark. 

  • Battery Life

You won’t like to charge the anti-bark collar every hour or two.

Thus, make sure the one you invest in goes for at least 3 hours or more in one charge.

Most bark collars from reliable brands come with battery life (in one single charge) of up to 15 days.

  • Waterproofing

Your dog may go out in the rain, might enjoy in a puddle, or can accidentally/ purposely come in contact with water.

To ensure their anti-bark collar doesn’t get spoiled with effect, consider investing in the one with waterproofing. 

4 Best Anti-Bark Collars for German Shepherds

PATPET Dog Training Collar

Price Range- $33.99 to $35.99

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The PATPET dog training collar comes with three training modes, Beep, Vibration, and Static shocks.

It lets the pet owner use any mode depending upon their dog’s behavior.

The collar will deactivate once vibration, beep, or shock works for 10 seconds. It is intended for your pet’s safety and comfort. 

It is made up of conductive silicone prongs that ensure intelligent sensing while being soft on your pet’s skin and fur. 

Vibration and beep are adjustable at eight different levels. And for static, pet owners can adjust the intensity to 16 different levels. 

This Anti-bark collar comes with a remote control featuring a range of 1000 ft.

Even when your German Shephard has run 300 meters away, you can easily control their barking from a distance. 

Once charged fully, the Collar battery would last up to 11 days. Further, the remote would work 68 days straight with one single charge. 

The collar and its receiver are 100% waterproof and would last you longer despite being used in multiple environmental conditions.

The collar is ideal for 100lbs dogs and is 27 inches long, suitable for most bulky dogs.

Though, pet owners can cut down the extra part of the collar and make it fit as per their dog’s neck. 

  • Three training modes with different intensity levels
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to use remote with a control range of 1000 ft.
  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • Ideal for both small and big dogs
  • It does not have a lock button which can result in accidental shock and vibration.
  • The remote is a little too big

And the verdict is….

If you are confused between the types of anti-bark collars, this particular model is ideal for you.

With three modes and different level intensities, you can customize the operations. 

DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

Price Range- $33.96 to $72.97

DogRook Dog Bark Collar- Rechargeable...
34,527 Reviews
DogRook Dog Bark Collar- Rechargeable...
  • Humane bark collar with 2 modes - in 96% cases helps decrease (eliminate) dog's barking by automatic...
  • Rechargeable version - no bark collar works about 14 days with 1 battery life. Get a full charge in 2-3 hours.
  • Action without remote - The collar works in automatic mode, in which sounds and vibrations are combined to...
  • Adjustable for Small, Medium & Large dogs - no shock bark collar is adjustable for dogs weighing 8 to 110 lbs...
  • Extra parts - In addition to the automatic stop barking collar we have included USB cable and prong covers.

DogRook is a humane anti-bark collar that comes with two working modes, sound, and vibration.

It is 96% effective and works quickly after sensing your dog’s bark.

It offers five levels of sensitivity (sound and vibration) and is operated depending upon how intensely your dog is behaving.

The sensitivity level also increases after each bark. At the first bark,

it gives a sound signal which changes into vibration and added sound with subsequent barks. 

With 3 hours of continuous charging, this anti-bark collar would work seamlessly for 14 days.

It works without any remote, simply by the automatic sensing mechanism.

This feature adds an advantage when you are not home, or your dog is alone somewhere.

The DogRook anti-shock collar is made up of high-quality reflective nylon straps and adjustable buckles.

You can easily adjust it for dogs weighing 11 to 110 lbs. and neck size between 9 to 22 inches. 

It does not pick up other dog sound and works smartly with the noises around. The dog bark collar is water and weatherproof as well. 

  • 100% safe and human, does not hurt the dog
  • Highly effective for both small pups and adult dogs
  • Reliable battery life
  • Waterproof
  • It works instantly.
  • It does not work effectively on lighter barks
  • Slightly expensive

And the verdict is….

If you are not really ready to use a static shock dog collar, this humane device is the one for you.

It will effectively control your dog’s barking without hurting them. 

Flittor No Bark Collar

Price range- $19.99

Flittor Bark Collar, No Bark Collar...
2,349 Reviews
Flittor Bark Collar, No Bark Collar...
  • 【Smart Bark Detecting Technology】The particular triggering sensor will detect dogs barking more precisely...
  • 【Dual Modes & Adjustable Sensitivity】The receiver is designed with a digital display to show the level,...
  • 【Intelligent Dual-Mode and Automatic Protection System】The dual training mode is beep+vibration, and...
  • 【Adjustable & 2 Reflective Strips】Adjustable Nylon Tape and Cuttable TPU tape length 8-24 inch,Perfect...
  • 【Rechargeable & Waterproof 】The collar contains a built-in USB rechargeable battery. It can be fully...

The Flitoor no bark collar is an advanced device equipped with Smart Bark Detecting Technology.

It quickly senses the dog’s bark and filters other false alarms, including other dog’s bark, noises, and head shakes.

It comes in a two-mode combination, Beep + Vibration + Shock (Red light) and Beep + Vibration (Green light).

Both modes have five intensity levels that let you choose the appropriate level depending upon your dog’s behavior.  

The Shock mode only activates when your dog is barking continuously.

With 3 hours of complete charging, this bark collar will provide for up to 15 days of operations.

Once the battery is low, a flash will indicate the same in the display panel. 

It contains durable nylon material. There are two reflective strips over the collar that protects your dog from accidents during dark hours. 

The bark collar is ideal for dogs weighing between 8 lbs. to 150 lbs. and neck size from 8 to 25 inches.

  • Effective bark controlling modes
  • Easy to charge and high battery life
  • Comfortable and reflective straps
  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • Water and weatherproof
  • No such cons reported

And the verdict is.
If you are looking for an effective yet inexpensive anti-bark collar, this device will definitely suit your needs. 

STOPWOOFER Dog Bark Collar

Price Range- $29.99 to $39.99

STOPWOOFER Dog Bark Collar - No Shock,...
6,764 Reviews
STOPWOOFER Dog Bark Collar - No Shock,...
  • Dog barking collar is rechargeable. It gets charged in only 2 hours and works about 14 days with 1 battery...
  • No bark collar for dogs protects from excessive exposure. When the dog keeps barking, the collar shuts off for...
  • It's lightweight at only 2,1 oz that makes it not only a suitable bark collar large dog and bark collar medium...

The STOPWOOFER Dog bark collar comes with seven levels of dog barking correction.

Each level automatically activates with every repetitive bark. It operates two modes, sound warning, and vibration.

After sensing the first bark, the collar will produce a faint sound followed by vibration and then a combination of exposures.

When your dog is continuously barking for 1 minute, the collar will automatically turn off after seven correction levels.

This feature is meant to provide protection against excessive exposure.

It is made up of Nylon straps and two reflective strips, which provide both ease and protection to the pets.

You can use it with any dog between 7lbs. to 120lbs. The strap can easily get adjusted from 5.9 to 21.65 inches. 

With one single charge, this bark collar will go quickly up to 2 weeks.

The best part about its sensor is that it can easily filter all false alarms.

The only drawback is that the collar isn’t waterproof and thus might not support under heavy rain. 

  • Ease to use
  • 100% safe and human, does not hurt the dog
  • Reflective straps
  • Good quality built for the price
  • Excellent noise and vibration
  • It isn’t waterproof

And the verdict is….

A good enough option for the pet owners who want to go for an anti-bark collar but a safer one. Instead of giving static shocks, it makes sounds and vibrations that will control your dog’s bark but won’t irritate them.

Valuable Tips to follow while using a Dog Bark controlling Collar/ Anti-Bark Collar

  • Do not use an Anti-Bark collar for more than 2 hours in continuity- Dogs can feel every physical pain or circumstance as we humans. Thus, consider using an anti-bark collar only when needed and avoid using it straight for more than 2 hours.
  • Do not overuse the Anti-Bark Collar– They aren’t designed for use as regular dog collars. Only use a bark collar when your dog goes on a barking spree. Or if training isn’t helping your dog’s barking habits.
  • Do not use an Anti-Bark collar as a training substitute– They are designed to complement your dog training but not to substitute it. Always go for human training first and if your dog is highly stubborn, then only switch to any such substitute.
  • Avoid using a bark collar with static shocks until very necessary– Even though all bark collars are safely designed for dogs, some of their modes and intensity can prove harmful. Begin with using the ones with sound, vibration, or spray modes. Only if your dog is highly uncontrollable, then go for the Static shock one.  

Final Thoughts

German Shepherd’s bark is particularly not hard to control.

The right kind of training, practice, and consistency will eventually end you up with a well-trained dog.

However, if you want some add-on for your device, you can consider using an Anti-Bark Collar.

No matter how small or big German Shepherd you have, an Anti-Bark collar is suitable for all.