What Is A Dog Snuggle Sack?

There are many ways to keep your dog warm and comfortable in the winter season whether your traveling, camping, or simply using it at home. But first, you must be wondering what is a dog snuggle sack?

A dog snuggle sack is basically a soft blanket or sleeping bag that allows your dog to lay inside and stay comfortable. Unlike a traditional blanket that usually falls off, a snuggle sack enables your pet to burrow further if it feels too cold.

If your dog feels too warm, it can flip the top part of the sack. Thus, offers more control, safety, and comfort to your dog.

An ideal snuggle sack is like a tented burrowing cave that provides a comfortable nestling space for your furry friend to curl up and snuggle in warmth.

The interior sleep surface usually has an insulating fleece that is soft-to-touch, suiting your dog’s desired form of coziness.

What Is A Dog Snuggle Sack Used For?

Purchasing one of these snuggle sacks is a rightful and informed decision pet owners can make.

Although you should not waste a lot of money on a sack, it is essential to buy a reliable, comfortable, and affordable product.

The purpose is to provide a cozy environment for your pooch and envelops your pets with a sense of security and privacy. It can affect your pet’s health positively.

Experts recommend choosing a sack that provides enough insulation, improved weight and joint support, and warmth.

Here are a few uses of a snuggle sack.

Improves Your Pet’s Health

Everyone wants to give their dog unlimited treats and belly rubs.

If you have a friendly and well-behaved dog, it does not deserve to sleep in a bed with deformed pillows and old blankets.

Although your dog won’t mind sleeping on a dirty mattress, you must provide your pet with a hygienic environment to maintain its optimal health.

An uneven and hard surface can cause sleep disturbance and make your pet irritable.

It also affects your pet’s posture and overall wellbeing.

That’s why we advised you to have a cozy dog snuggle sack to ensure its optimum health.

Having one of these sacks becomes even more important if you have an older dog. It is because senior dogs suffer from weaker joints.

Prevents Behavioral Issues

Most dog owners find it adorable to have their furry friend lying beside them.

I think this is a bad idea because your dog can disturb your sleep at night. There are over 600 different types of microbes, including bacteria in dogs’ mouths.

The most common type of bacterial species found in dog saliva is Capnocytophaga canimorsus, which can cause blood poisoning in human beings.

Although the condition occurs rarely, it can lead to severe consequences and even death.

Anyway, your dog won’t take long to take over your bedroom entirely.

Even if you order your pet to come down, it will bark at you. So, people use dog snuggle sacks to control their dogs’ behavior.

You can train your pet how to get into the sack when it needs the warmth or when it is time to sleep.

Keeps Your Dog Warm

Many people buy jackets for their furry friends to avoid the cold, chilly air penetrating their bodies.

I purchased a lovely jacket for my canine companion, but it didn’t suffice against the winter bitterness.

It is an incredible product that can keep your dog snug during long colder nights. If you love your dog, you won’t let it sleep on the floor.

The cold weather exposes your furry friend to temperatures that can lead to various illnesses, including hypothermia.

It is a medical condition that changes your dog’s body temperature below normal.

Decreasing body temperature can cause muscle stiffness, difficulty breathing, and slow heartbeats, leading to death.

Bear in mind that most dogs are vulnerable to changes in temperature.

Hence, they need a comfortable environment with proper insulation for warmth.

A dog snuggle sack is an ideal product to keep your pet safe and warm in cold weather with decreasing temperatures.

Helps Preserve Your Furniture

If your dog likes to move around and do some burrowing or kneading before it goes to sleep, it can destroy your furniture.

It is not a good idea to let your dog sleep on your favorite rug or designer couch.

Even if you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your rug or couch, your dog will leave his fur and dander.

You can avoid these problems by having a cozy snuggle sack.

That way, you can make your couch or rug less attractive to your pet.

You can place the snuggle sack next to your bed to make your pet think that you care for him.

A Dedicated Place To Sleep

Some dogs want to stay away from naughty kids, noisy guests, and angry cats. Research shows that a dog usually sleeps for more than ten hours a day. Your dog needs a dedicated space or place in your home that is easily accessible to it.

If you don’t have a snuggle sack, as you know, your pet will compete with other pets, including cats, to sleep on the sofa.

Having their own snuggle sack allows your pooch to have its peacefully short retreat.

It is crucial to know that dogs are territorial animals who value their possessions.

Can A Dog Snuggle Sack Be Used For Camping?

Your dog would love to explore the outdoors with you. It means camping is a great outdoor activity for your furry friend.

You can use a snuggle sack for camping to protect him from the shivering cold outside the tent.

If you have a large dog, you may find it difficult to accommodate it in your tent.

So, if your dog jumps into your sleeping bag at night, you won’t sleep properly.

That would ruin your camping completely, and you won’t enjoy your outdoor activity.

A snuggle sack is a great way to keep your pet snug and warm.

No matter if your pet has its own tent or stays in yours, the right snuggle sack will keep it comfortable.

In simple words, the product will let your dog sleep well and be ready for the morning adventure.

A regular blanket provides warmth and coziness to your dog at home.

However, it can quickly absorb moisture or water from the ground in the campsite, leaving your pet cold and soggy.

Yet, these sacks are usually made of polyester material that can resist moisture and keep your pet comfortable even in rainy weather.

If you have a friendly dog, it will behave well and won’t cause problems for you on the campsite.

However, if your dog loves to play in the mud or gets dirt, you won’t want it snuggled up with you.

These dog snuggle sacks won’t only keep your dog warm but also comfortable throughout the night.

That way, you can also avoid your furry friend bringing dirt, dust, or bugs into your tent.

Therefore, It’s strongly recommended to have a high-quality snuggle sack for camping.

How To Get A Dog Into A Snuggle Sack

It is not easy for many pet owners to get their dogs into the snuggle sack.

However, if you learn how to do it the right way, you will have peace of mind every time you want your dog to get into it.

Start by placing the snuggle sack between you and your pet. When your four-legged friend stands on the snuggle sack, appreciate your pet by rewarding it a treat. After this you can command them to lay down.

Throw a treat into the sack and repeat the process several times, so your dog understands that getting into the sack will make him get a good reward.

Make sure you also use the laydown command from a distance.

It will help you teach your pooch to use his snuggle sack even if you are not in the room.

Another way is to place the sack flat on the bed, floor, or sofa.

Then, fold back the top part to allow your dog to enter the sack.

It is essential to have a large enough snuggle sack so that your pet can go in, turn around, and sleep comfortably.

dog in a snuggle sack

Can You Wash A Snuggle Sack?

Some people do spot cleaning and not a full-blow bath to avoid their snuggle sack from wear and tear.

Undoubtedly, spot cleaning is a good way to maintain its hygiene.

Mix some non-detergent soap in water to make a paste, and then use a toothbrush to clean the surface and inner part gently.

Focus on the inner part because it is more prone to the accumulation of hair and skin oils.

Spot cleaning is an excellent way to save time and keep the sack clean.

You can go for the complete wash option if you think the spot cleaning won’t do the job.

If your sack has accumulated grime, then it needs a full wash in the machine.

It is crucial to read the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

Although you can take the sack to a professional laundry service, it will cost you money.

So, if your budget allows, then that won’t be a problem. Otherwise, We recommend washing it at home.

If you choose to wash the snuggle sack and dry it yourself, remember, drying can take some time.

Some people say that drying takes at least 2-3 hours.

Again, if your budget allows, it is a good idea to dry it in a large commercial machine.

Moreover, it is best to use a non-detergent soap made for washing down

How To Hand Wash A Dog Snuggle Sack?

Fill the tub with warm or cool water and add the right amount of non-detergent soap.

I suggest you avoid adding too much cleaner because if it gets sudsy, you won’t be able to rise out it easily.

Lay your snuggle sack in the water, dip it completely, and work in the soap the entire sack.

Make sure you rub the heavily soiled or dirty areas. You can leave the sack to soak for 1-2 hours.

Remove the water from the tub and press out the remaining water from the sack.

Fill the tub again with warm or cool water to rinse. Make sure you work the soap out carefully and let the sack sit for at least 10-15 minutes. Drain the tub and press out the remaining water.

You can repeat the process to ensure all the soap is out. If you have a high-quality dryer at home, you can use it for drying the sack.

Otherwise, the sack can stay balled up. Then, carry the sack to a commercial laundromat.

If you don’t want to dry the sack in a dryer, lay it flat on a beach towel or clean the surface outside, such as grass.

Make sure you place it in a partial shade to avoid direct sunlight.

That way, your snuggle sack won’t get damaged due to the UV rays of the sun.

How to Machine Wash a Dog Snuggle Sack?

You can wash a dog snuggle sack in the washing machine.

Experts recommend using a large front-loading washer because the smaller ones are not efficient to tumble and clean the sack thoroughly.

Wash on the gentle cycle in cold or warm water with a high-quality non-detergent soap.

Avoid using by using the right amount of soap.

You can also add other damp items, such as T-shirts and towels that require washing.

That way, you can balance the machine’s spin. Rise at least twice to ensure removal of all soap residues.

If you are not sure, then run a complete second wash and rinse cycle without using the soap.  

The next step is to set your dryer on low heat. It is crucial to check the heat because machine settings often vary. The fabric will melt if the heat setting is high.

Add 2-3 clean tennis balls to the dryer when your dog snuggle sack is almost dry.

Make sure the sack is completely dry before you place it a storage bag. If the sack is not thoroughly dry, leave it out all night on a flat, clean surface.

What Is The Best Size For Your Dog?

A dog snuggle sack usually comes in three categories: small, medium, and large.

Small size sacks are suitable for puppies, small terriers, toy breeds, and dachshunds.

Likewise, the medium size sack is recommended for some species like whippets, cockapoos, and spaniels.

Large sacks are good for breeds like Labradors, greyhounds, and lurchers.

Small65 cm x 65 cmSmall dog breeds
Medium85 x 85 cmFrench Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Spaniels, and Shih Tzu
Large105 cm x 105 cmLarge spaniels, lurchers, Dalmatians, Vizslas, med weimaraner’s, and whippets
Extra Large133 cm x 133 cmLarge boxers, large weimaraner’s, large Vizslas, German Shepherds, and large GPS
Double Extra Large200 cm x 100 cmWolf Hounds, Large German Shepherds, Malamutes, and Newfoundland.

If your dog breed is not on the list, then you can ask a friend who has a similar dog about the correct size. Likewise, you can request an expert shopkeeper who sells dog snuggle sacks.

A dog snuggle sack should be large enough to accommodate your pet. If it is too small, your dog won’t feel comfortable.

If it is too large, your pet won’t feel enough warmth in winter because air will pass through it that won’t allow your dog to snug properly.

You can also make or sew a DIY snuggle sack. “But” first make sure you know the size of your dog and try to sew a few inches larger so that there is enough space for your dog.

Anyway, an ideal snuggle sack is the one that fulfills your pet’s needs and requirements.


So now you know what a dog snuggle sack is. If you like camping a lot with your dog then this is the ideal way to keep your pooch warm at night.

It’s also a great way to keep your furniture clean by placing the snuggle sack on your bed or sofa this will stop any muddy paws or unwanted hair and as mentioned most snuggle sacks are machine washable.

There are many ways you use a snuggle sack as mentioned in this article you could even use it as a dog bed since they are well padded are very comfortable for your pooch.

Whether you have a large or small dog these sacks are perfect for any occasion, especially if you traveling or camping out or just simply using them at home.

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