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15 Great Motorhome Dog Accessories You Must Have!

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When traveling with your dog in a motorhome it’s very important to have enough dog accessories to make them as comfortable as possible. After all your dog is family so you want to make sure your dog has everything they need when they need it.

As we know dogs can get very restless especially when in confined spaces for long periods of time. So by stocking up your motorhome with some of these dog accessories can help make there trip more enjoyable.

To get an idea of what dog accessories can help make your four-legged friend more comfortable below is a list of 15 Motorhome Dog Accessories that you should find interesting.

1. Alfheim Nonslip Rubber Backing Front Seat Cover

  • We are no stranger to the mood swings of the dog and as the mood of your adorable pooch changes, he starts to bite and claw at the seats which can be devastating for your motorhome.
  • So using this Alfheim Nonslip Seat Cover is a perfect dog accessory for your motorhome, the material is excellent quality which provides full protection of your seats.
  • Not to mention, it has a slip-proof surface so in case of any sudden breaking your dog doesn’t keep slipping off the seat. This seat cover also comes with an anchor and the best of all, it is easy to clean and can be washed in a washing machine.

2. Earth Rated Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Motorhome Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags Accessories
  • We all know how much of a mess it can be if your dog needs to take a trip to the toilet while you are traveling. And so a poop bag comes in very handy.
  • These Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags are a must-have if you are planning on taking long road trips in your motorhome, and especially if you’re walking your dog.
  • “But” the real benefit of these bags is that these are biodegradable meaning they are 100% recyclable and the lavender smell of the bags cancel out the fumes of your dog.

3. AVC Portable Soft Fabric Pet Carrier

  • Although you might not see the benefit of this AVC Portable pet carrier at first, it can be pretty useful for your furry friend when traveling in a motorhome, no matter what breed of dog you have.
  • This carrier is especially handy for someone who has a small dog. You can also use it when your dog is tired or if your dog doesn’t like to travel to new places.
  • The bedding is made of faux sheepskin meaning that it is soft and comfortable for your pooch and it has windows on all sides with curtains that you can roll for when your dog needs to take a sleep and is good for air ventilation.

4. Lauva Dog Cool Mat Bed

  • Now, this Lauva Dog Cool Mat is perfect for a hot day or if you’re traveling to a hot place or country in your motorhome. If your dog starts to feel warm, this is a perfect tool for him to relax.
  • This bed has a self-cooling gel that makes up for a cold mat for your dog. The materials used in this mat are non-toxic and safe for the dogs. Another advantage of this mat is that it can be used as a regular bed for the dog as well.

5. JUYOO Dog Treat Toy Ball

  • As we know spending a significant amount of time in the motorhome can get to your dog.
  • This ball is also a good stress reliever toy for your dog so that he doesn’t take out his frustration on you or your furniture.

6. Daisy & Chip Double Roll Dog Bowl With Mat

  • You can take this mat everywhere. All you have to do is unroll the carpet to reveal two cups, one for the food and another for the water. This mat is also easy to clean.

7. Eodpot Foldable Pet Camping Tent

  • When your traveling in a motorhome your most likely be camping and this is where the Foldable Pet Camping Tent can come in handy.
  • Whenever you feel like camping, you can easily set this up and have your dog explore the location from the see-through little castle of his.

8. Car tote bag (Easy Storage)

  • We know that this is used for the diapers and feeders of the babies, but this Car Tote Bag is not something to be overlooked. Think of this way, what if your dog needs to go to the toilet?
  • Then you find out that you have no pooping bags left and you have to stop in the middle of your trip? Or maybe your dog is hungry, and the treats are nowhere to be found? This is where the tote bag can save you from a lot of hassle.

9. Microfiber Towels

  • Microfiber Towels are great motorhome accessories that are known for their ability to soak up a good amount of water and become dry quickly, just in case your dog has any accidents.

10. Dog Life Jackets

  • This accessory is the last, but it certainly is not the least of the motorhome dog accessories. There are times when during a trip you are feeling pretty adventurous, and you see a river where your dog wants to jump in.
  • “But” maybe your dog cannot swim, and this is where you need a Dog Life Jacket and can be pretty handy for some of those times where you never know what you are going to encounter.

11. Motorhome Dog Seat

  • Another must-have motorhome dog accessories is a Dog Booster Seat and are great for keeping any excited dog in there seat.
  • What’s good about these booster seats is they are equipped with a seat-belt tether that’s adjustable and can easily attache to any dog harness to keep your pup or small dog in his seat

12. PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

  • Having this PetFusion Premium Blanket is perfect for keeping your dog warm and is great for drying off when they are been swimming.
  • Not only that but this blanket will protect the seats in your motorhome from any muddy paws or unwanted dog hair and is machine washable.

13. Non-Spill Dog Bowl

  • When out in your Motohome your dog will get hungry, so you will need a Non Spill Dog Bowl, just in case of any bumpy rides.
  • This dog bowl is great for all forms of travel. Which can eliminates spills and reduces your pet’s slobber by up to 90%
  • This road Refresher travel bowl can be filled with water and then safely left within a car or motorhome so your pet has access to fresh water whenever he wants.

14. Microfibre Bathrobe for Dog 

  • Dogs love to get dirty especially when in new areas so cleaning your dog will become a regular thing while on holiday.
  • After all, you don’t want dirt or lose dog hair in your motorhome right?
  • So by using this super-absorbent Microfibre Bathrobe will help dry your dog and you don’t about wet floors or furniture in your motorhome.

15.  Hyperfetch Ultimate Throwing Toy

  • Because you know the first thing your dog will want to do is go for a run and by using this automatic ball launcher will keep them entertained without having tired harms.
  • This hyperfetch Launches the ball 10, 20 or 30 feet, which can easily be changed and can load 3 tennis balls for endless fun.

Would My Dog Like To Travel In A Motorhome?

This can be a hard one to answer as every dog is different. But overall most dogs love traveling and exploring new places and would be happy to be in a motorhome long as they can get comfortable.

However, dogs can get bored quickly on long road trips this is where having some of these Motorhome Dog Accessories above can keep them happy and most importantly comfortable.

Keeping destination in mind

While we don’t object to exploring the unforeseen lands, it’s always best to know where you are going and where to stop and what are you going to do at that specific stop.

Even though all this planning is hectic and it takes away some of the fun (mainly because it is all going as planned), but in our experience, that is the best way to travel with your dog.

Planning can assure comfort for you and him especially in a motorhome, which is also a part of enjoying your vacation. a trip with unnecessary worrying can also lead to bad memories for everyone.

Restock Your Supply

Before heading on the road, It’s always best to go to the store and restock anything that you are missing in your motorhome or anything that needs to be refilled.

No matter how small or unnecessary because no matter how much you plan for your trip, there are some parts that do not go your way and so it is vital to prepare for this.

Law On Dogs In Motorhomes

Always make sure you’re up to date and follow the laws when it comes to traveling with your dog especially in a motorhome or when stopping for a break. Now, the law does vary depending on which country you reside in.

Take the United Kingdom for example, Did you know that it’s now law that your dog cannot be a distraction to the driver when traveling in a car or motorhome.

The Highway Code Rule 57

When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage, or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.

Cleaning Up After Your Dog

It’s also law in the UK to clean up after your dog or you could face a hefty fine! This is where the poop bags can come in handy. Again the laws do vary with each country but here is a quote taken from the Environment Law website.

In England and Wales, local authorities can introduce public spaces protection orders, making it an offense not to clean up dog mess in certain areas. Under those orders, a person who doesn’t clean up after their dog may face an on-the-spot fine of up to £80.


In this article, we have guided you through some of the essential motorhome dog accessories that we feel you must have at all times.

Some of these accessories may seem like little too much, but if you travel often in your motorhome then you would know the importance of having some of these at your disposal for a nice, comfortable trip for both you and your dog.

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