7 Ways To Secure Dog In Car With Leash

When traveling with your dog in a car it’s very important that your pooch is safe and secure.

Road trips with your dog can be a lot of fun for you and your family.

However, this can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are involved in an accident and your dog is not secured properly.

If there is any sudden braking for example, and your dog is unrestrained then they can be seriously hurt and in some cases can be fatal, and this is why you need to secure your dog before you travel.

Now there are a number of ways to secure your dog in a car, whether you’re using a harness, cage, dog crate, or even a dog booster seat.

But in this article, you’re going to learn 7 ways on how to secure a dog in the car with a leash.

How To Secure A Dog In Car With Leash?

When taking your dog on a long road trip this can be an exciting time for you and your family.

Not only that but most dogs love to travel in the car, whether it’s going to be a short ride to the vet or a long ride to the park.

Taking your dog along with you not only does changes the atmosphere around you but also around your dog.

However, making sure your four-legged friend is secure is also an important part of this great adventure.

“Nobody wants to go on a trip that might end up in a tragedy”

Most people prefer to have a leash with them when going for walks or a trip in the car. “But” a lot of dog owners don’t know how to secure dog in car with leash.

So to help you with this below are 7 different ways you can secure your dog using just a simple leash.

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1. Tying Leash With Secure Cable

Most people are unaware of it, but all the vehicles from 2002 have tie-downs because it was made necessary, making this a great way to secure a dog in a car.

There are multiple tie-down points in a car that can be helpful in giving your dog enough space to sit or lay down while restricting his movements using a leash.

how to secure a dog in a car with leash

2. Secure A Dog In Car With Leash And Metal Buckle

There are special leashes that are available. These leashes come with a metal buckle and are adjustable.

Even if you have a simple leash, you can add an extension to it for the metal buckle.

You will need to make sure that the extension or the leash that you are getting is of good fabric and fully adjustable.

Although you want to restrict your dog’s movement, you do not want to make him uncomfortable and uneasy.

So make sure you have an adjustable leash so your dog can be restricted in one place, but he may also be given some space to lie down or make a small movement.

3. Secure A dog In Car With Leash And Carabiner

There are round circles in between the back seat of the car, which indicates a tie-down.

You can use those along with the carabiner and a suitable cable that is made of good fabric and is chew-resistant.

You can lock your cable to these points to restrict the movement of your dog.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a good sense of your dog and get clips that are good for your dog.

The locking clips also need to be heavy-duty for them to hold their place and not to let the dog break them.

If you have a small dog or a puppy, you can get a suitable cable that will last you a long time and restrict your dog’s movement.

However, if you are in possession of a large and powerful dog, you will need to have a cable that is heavy-duty along with clips that are strong so that your dog is not able to break them.

 4. Attaching Leash With Zip Line Harness

This method is especially helpful for people who have active dogs that want to move around.

This is not suitable for larger, more muscular dogs, but it is helpful for small dogs.

All you need to do is to attach a zip line into the rear seats’ belt tab and seat belt, tug each seat belt to ensure that they are tightly and correctly locked in position,

and attach a carabiner or other extensions with the leash for the dog to move comfortably while restricting his movements.

5. Attaching Leash With Harness

Everyone knows the harness to be one of the best ways to restrain a dog, and so in this guide on how to secure a dog in the car using just a leash, we will also explain this step in detail.

This method is used for well-behaved dogs. The harness secures your dog in one position, and the leash will be used to plugging in the seat belt. This method will restrict the movement of your dog.

This method also has a drawback as it may make the dog uncomfortable and uneasy, which may lead him to chew on the harness.

So you will need to make sure that the dog is not chewing on his harness.

In this method, you will need to slide the seat belt of the car through the dogs’ seat belt loop and buckle the dog or you can connect the leash with the harness and clasp the buckle for protection.

After placing your dog in place and connecting the silver clasp, you will need to make sure that the dog is comfortable and can move around a little so that he does not get uneasy.

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6. Attaching Dog Crate With A Leash

If you are scared that your dog will disturb you on your journey or will not able to stay in one place,

then your bet would be using a dog crate. This method will not only make the dog comfortable it will also help the dog in staying in one place.

However, a big issue securing a dog crate with a leash is that it can slide when the driver hits the brake, causing harm to the dog.

To ensure that the crate does not move around causing any injury to your dog,

you can attach a leash to the handle of the crate and the other end to a carabiner, which will restrict the motion of the dog crate, allowing for a much safer journey.

7. Secure Dog In Car With Adjustable Leash

It is better than to get an extension or anything. One thing you can do is buy an adjustable leash and tie one end to the seat while the other to the dog.

Ensure that the leash is big enough for the dog to move around the back seats or lay down and not long enough that your furry friend can sneak out of the window or get to the drivers’ area.

Roaming around all day and having nothing to worry about is amazing, something you miss after adopting or buying a dog.

Now that you have bought a dog, you are no longer able to go about your day as you used to.

We have all seen and even experienced the horrors of taking a dog along with us on a journey or on a small drive to the grocery store.

If you are among some of the few people who haven’t already been through this experience, we would like to inform you about the dangers of horrors you may encounter.

Dangers Of A Loose Dog In A Car

Many a time we have encountered people who do not think their decision of taking their furry friend on a car ride with them,

which results in the dog being in the driving seat or sneaking out of the windows with no safety measures in place.

This lack of safety often leads to disasters and horrific accidents, which not only injures the owner’s mental and physical health but also the furry friend.

When traveling, we always try to be as safe as possible. We take all the necessary measures in order to avoid any injury or severe damage in case of an accident, but not the same can be said about dogs.

Dog jumping outside

In many situations where the dog is traveling with the owner, we see that the dog’s legs and the face of the dog are outside the window. Although the dog is trying to enjoy a pleasant breeze while taking a ride.

It is also possible that he sees something that grabs his attention, and he jumps outside.

As a matter of fact, there are several cases where the dog has jumped outside of the car and has caused severe injuries to himself or even died.

Some people keep the dog on a latch when he is out, staring in the wild, this is also wrong because if the dog decides to jump outside, the latch around his neck will tighten and he can get stuck hanging outside of the window, or he may suffer from severe injuries around his neck.

Getting hit by debris and vehicles

Another danger that your lovely pet can face is flying debris. When you are outside, there are debris and rocks that are airborne.

If one of this debris and rocks are to hit your dog, it will cause severe injuries to him.

In a situation like this, people can get proper care for their pets by merely finding out how to secure dog in car with leash?

We do not allow our kids or special ones to take their heads or arms outside of the vehicles because we care about them, and we do not want anything to happen to them.

Likewise, we do not want our dog to take his head outside of the window.

It may not only cause him to be distracted by the scenery or get hit by debris, but it may also cause him serious injuries or death when he is hit by a moving vehicle.

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Closing the window in his face

When the dog is staring out of the window, the front leg of the dog is often on the armrest of the door, now just imagine, if the dog closes the window on his face by mistake; how bad can that result in?

The dog’s face will be stuck on the window of the car, which can put pressure on his neck, causing him to get suffocated.

There are also high chances that moving vehicles or debris are flying towards the dog when he is stuck in this position.

Many of us have been victims of an incident caused by the car’s sudden braking.

In these situations, the passenger or the dog that is sitting on the passenger seat or the back seat fly towards the windscreen of the car at high speed.

In some cases, the dog has been seen to break the windscreen and bump into the vehicle or object that is in front of the car.

These types of incidents are complete nightmares.

Even if the dog is not dead, the shards of glass from the windscreen are poked in the body of the dog, which causes a lot of bleeding and serious injuries.

This incident can be avoided by simply learning how to secure your dog properly in a car.

Restriction of sight and movement

In some cases, the dog is sitting in the lap of the driver, which is a danger to start with as drivers are not able to get a clear view of the road.

The dogs are also seen to put their paws on the steering wheel of the car, which restricts the movement of the steering wheel for the driver.

In both of these cases, the chance of fatal injury is high due to drivers’ sight and movement, both getting restricted.

When the dogs are not in the lap of the driver, the dogs are also seen to be in the drivers’ footsteps, which restricts the movement of feet of the driver.

Among many accidents, there are also cases when the driver was not able to push the brakes in time due to his furry friend sitting in his footsteps, restricting his movement to brake.

Heavy fines

If you are not already scared of the horrors that can be caused by the unrestricted dog in a car, we would also like to inform you that many countries that now have laws against traveling with a dog in a car

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dog secure in car with leash

Rules introduced in Australia in 2013 have prohibited the pet from being in the area of the driver.

The RMS can also find the driver if the pet has been seen to be in the driver’s area or in the lap of the driver, which is $425 along with three demerit points.

If this behavior is seen in the school zone, the penalty can be much higher.

RSPCA can also issue a fine to the driver if he is seen unrestricted. The worst-case scenario can be a $5,500 fine, along with a jail time of up to six months.

There is talk about signing a bill in Oregon that will fine the drivers $90 for driving with the dog in their lap.

In other places like Troy, it is illegal to drive with a dog in the lap of the driver.

Another thing that you might want to keep in mind is that loving does not mean for us to be carefree.

Loving means caring for your special friend like you care about yourself or your child.

Going through proper safety precautions and guidance on how to secure a dog in the car can help in keeping you and your furry friend safe from any dangers and accidents.


Nobody is unaware of the lurking dangers when one decides to take the dog out in his car. It is essential to know how to secure a dog in car with a leash

Because you do not want to end your peaceful journey with your furry friend in a horrific way which may scar your memories and scare you to not go with your dog on any ride be it small or large.

Everybody loves their pet; some think of their dog as their family, while others think of their dogs as their best friend.

And so it is essential to be on a journey knowing that you have taken every precaution you can to secure your dog.

Many people tend to make their dogs sit in their lap while driving, while others do not restrict their movement, which causes accidents that are not in their control.

Even if the life of their companion is secured, there are always chances of lifelong injuries. It is always better to be safe than sorry.