8 Reasons Why Your Dog Scratches The Bed Sheets

Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bedsheets? Some people have the misconception that their dog scratches their bedsheets because they are trying to get attention. However, this is not the case.

Dogs mainly do this being uncomfortable but there are some other reasons why this may be happening,

Firstly, it could be because of the type of fabric they are laying on.

Some fabrics can cause the dog’s skin to itch in this case try switching out the bedding for something softer.

The second thing is if you’re using a conditioner then the dog might not like the smell.

Another reason for excessive scratching of your bedsheets is allergies!

In some cases, allergic reactions cause skin irritation or itchiness leading to excessive biting, licking, and scratching.

It can be very frustrating especially when your dog scratches your bedsheets and leaves behind deep claw marks!

But don’t worry, this can be fixed easily and without making you go through a lot of trouble or expense.

If you don’t think it’s related to the type of fabric or an allergic reaction mentioned above then here are 8 more reasons that could answer that question Why Does My Dog Scratch My BedSheets?

So let’s Get Started!

Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bedsheets?

There are many ways you can prevent your dog from scratching or causing damage to your bedding! but before we get to that here are the 8 reasons why your dog is scratching those sheets.

1. Comfort

Dogs will scratch at the sheets if they are uncomfortable.

They will generally circle first and then start scratching the surface (sheets) but what they are actually doing is making the area more comfortable to lay on.

How To Stop

If prevent scratching, then try and provide a more comfortable surface for them to sleep on- like a dog bed!

There are different types of beds that can help with reduction in scratching such as orthopedic or memory foam.

2. Boardom

When your dog feels bored they are likely to do something destructive like scratching the bedsheets.

They will usually start digging in the same place over and over this is a classic sign that your dog board and cannot sleep.

How To Stop

If this happens, it’s important that you give them a toy or entertain them in another way so they can feel like their needs are being met and keep themselves from destroying your sheets.

Also, try taking your dog on longer walks this way your dog will sleep much easier.

3. Camouflage

Sometimes dogs will scratch the bedsheet in order to hide and use it as camouflage if they are frightened.

This is a way that they can feel like they are not being watched and will reduce the amount of anxiety they might have.

How To Stop

To get rid of this problem, try giving your dog more toys to play with or feed it treats in order for them to stop scratching on furniture! This could be an easy fix as well as rewarding if done correctly.

4. Smells Food

If you have had some food laying against the bedsheets like last night’s pizza then the odor might still be there and this could be another reason why your dog is scratching the sheets.

How To Stop

If your dog keeps scratching then try putting your bedsheets in a place where your dog cannot reach them!

Or at least change the sheets so there are no food odors left. This way your dog won’t keep digging into your sheets.

5. Making A Bed

You may notice that when your dog is tired, he finds a corner or a sheet and scratches at it to make himself a bed so they will feel more comfortable and safe when they sleep.

How To Stop

If your dog is scratching the sheets to make a bed then try putting an old blanket on top of the bedsheets this way they won’t damage or rip through your bedsheets.

Alternatively, you should let them make their bed once your dog is comfortable then they will stop.

6. Seeking Warmth

Another reason why your dog might be scratching at the sheets is that they are looking for more warmth.

You may notice when your dog is digging that he is actually trying to get underneath the sheets.

How To Stop

One way to stop your dog from scratching the sheets is by getting spare sheets and throwing them over the top of your dog This will make them less likely to wake up from the cold and start digging in your bed.

7. Maternal Nesting

Maternal nesting is common in dogs who are expecting their first litter of puppies and it often occurs in multiple stages.

If there’s any available space to make into a nest where they can comfortably sleep including your bed they will.

How To Stop

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop it as this is completely normal during pregnancy.

The good news is that maternal nesting doesn’t last forever! Once the puppies are born your dog will need to be available to her pups for feeding.

8. Marking Territory

Some dogs will mark their territory by scratching on the bedsheets.

They may do this because they noticed a smell of a familiar animal maybe your cat or another dog? on your sheets and want to make it their own.

How To Stop

To stop this try wiping down your bedsheets with an odor-neutralizing cleaner or deodorizer every other day this should help your dog from doing this in the future.

Strategies For Stopping Your Dog Scratching The Bedsheets!

Dogs love to scratch and dig in anything they can reach.

This often includes your bedsheets so it’s important for you to teach your dog not to do this so you don’t end up with a destroyed bed or ripped the sheets!

There are a lot of different techniques and strategies that you can use to help train your pup not to scratch the sheets, but it may take some time for them to learn new habits.

Below are some strategies for stopping your dog from scratching things that are off-limits.

  1. Make sure your dog has enough toys to keep them entertained
  2. Give your dog a new bed that they can’t scratch
  3. Put up a baby gate so the dog is confined to one room
  4. Identify the cause of your dog’s scratching behavior
  5. Consider getting rid of any bedding that may irritate their skin
  6. Consult with your vet if the problem persists after trying these steps

If your dog continues to scratch your bedsheets even after you have tried these tips above then you should book an appointment with your local veterinarian and they will be able to advise you further!


So Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bedsheets? Well, as you can see, there are a lot of reasons why your dog is scratching up their bedsheets.

While some people may have thought that the answer was to stop giving attention to them or to buy more durable sheets, this could not be further from the truth.

It’s important for pet owners to understand what triggers these behaviors so you can teach your dog accordingly.

However, if none of these tips mentioned above help then make sure that there aren’t any allergies present that may cause your dog to start itching and discomfort when resting.

Itching causes dogs to scratch at their bedding/beds sheets so make sure both yourself and your pup are comfortable before taking a nap.