How To Make Your Dog Happier: The Ultimate Guide

So your thinking about how to make your dog happier? Well, the good news is your in the right place, in this article, we going to share with you 12 ways on how to make your dog happier and what these steps are that you can take to improve it.

When seeing your dog at there best looking healthy and full of life is something all dog owners love seeing because this is what its all about, giving your dog the very best in life, and by following these 12 steps below which are from personnel experience can defiantly do just that.

When we implemented these steps we saw an improvement with our dog’s mood, and behavior, especially with the steak, which your reed about below.

Now these steps are completely optional and you don’t have to implement every one, just choose which one you think is best for your dog and give it a try. So let’s go through the 12 steps below that can help improve your dog’s happiness.

1. Exploring New Areas

Dogs love exploring and taking them for a walk in new areas is a way to make them happier, and having a change of scenery can do wonders, new places with new smalls are definitely something that will get your dog excited.

Not to mention this is a great exercise for you both. So if you know a place where you haven’t been yet and if it’s a place that allows you to let your dog roam free off the lead then this is even better.

When taking my dog for a walk I would usually pick a place where she would be allowed to walk off the lead, this was when my dog was at her happiest, then she could explore on her own, But in view!

2. Fresh Beef Steak

Your dog will love this one, but every now and then treat your dog to a nice fresh beefsteak, by giving them something pleasant to eat this will improve your dog’s mood.

One of the ways to make your dog happy is with food and as we all know dogs love eating, and it’s good to spoil them every now and then when they deserve it.

There are also the health benefits when feeding your dog Steak, for example, did you know that steak is high in protein, and this can contribute to your dog’s energy?

Also with the fatty acids contained in the steak and Omega-6, will help to make your dog’s coat shiny and joints healthier. Preferably you want to feed your dog a steak 20 mins before you plan to take your dog for a run, but not straight after the meal, let your dog digest it first because if they go running straight after a meal it is possible that they will be sick.

3. Squeaky Dog Toys

Getting your dog a new squeaky toy is something that will drive them crazy with excitement. If you already have a toy then try changing the type of toy the next time you’re in a pet shop.

 Dog looking Happier

4. Give your dog a pedicure

Dogs love having a rub down and being pampered, especially from there owners, this is also very relaxing for your dog. If you have an older dog this will help soothe any aches or pains from any long walks they may have taken in the day.

Now if you have noticed when taking your dog for a run or walk that they are not as cheerful, then this could be down to there nails being too long, so its always a good idea when giving your dog a pedicure to chip those’s nails.

If you are unsure how to do this then you can book an appointment with your local vet and they will be able to do it for you.

5. The Classic knotted Chewy Bone

Whether you’re at home, on holiday, or traveling in the car, you look over and notice that your dog looks a bit unhappy, then give them the classic chewy bone.

This should work with most dogs, not only that, but it will keep your dog busy, you see if you find that your dog doesn’t like being on a plane or in a car then try giving them this bone.

This might not work with every dog but give it a try and see if it work with yours. You can buy these bones in any pet store and the best thing is they are odorless.

6. Take your dog Swimming

Not only will this put a big smile on your dog’s face, but this also improves there mental health especially if they are swimming with other dogs, plus this is a great exercise for your dog.

If you have a dog that’s overweight then swimming is excellent for burning calories and improve their health without the risk of injury. 

If you find that your dog has trouble exercising on land, then try getting your dog to swim, as the water will help support your dog weight, and this way you dog can move easier.

7. Take your dog on the beach

Dogs love being on the beach, not only can they run along the sandy beach and swim in the ocean, but there are so many games a dog can get involved in.

For example, your dog can play frisbee with you on the beach, or here’s one play volley-ball, they can play catch or even go surfing with you.

There are so many things you can do on a beach to make your dog happier, not to mention this is great for your dog’s health. but depending on where you live in the world there are rules.

Not all beaches allow dogs, so check to see if dogs are allowed and what the rules are, some beaches have very strict rules regarding dogs so it’s always best to check the rules first.

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8. Chuck It Launcher

You definitely want to have one of these with you when taking your dog to a field and with the chuck-it launcher this allows you to launch the ball three times further, and this means your dog will be running more and that’s always great for there health.

The best thing with the chuck-it launcher is.. you don’t need to pick the ball up with your hand’s and that means slobber free hands.

You can find a chuck it launcher anywhere on the market these days, The best place to check theses out would be at Amazon there it would cost you less than £10.

9. Playing Tug of War

This is a great game to play with your dog’s “tug of war” not only is this great exercise for your dog but also strengthens the neck and jaw.

If your dog has a friend then this is excellent because having another dog at the other end not only encourages them to play more, but this will make your dog a lot happier.

10. Dog Treats

Dogs love there treats and if your someone who likes giving your dogs nice little treats when they behaved, then try changing the menu, change the type of treats you buy.

Dogs love surprises and changing the menu now and then can definitely make your dog happier and curious. Treats are also good for puppies if your trying to train them ‘use dog treats’

Professional dog trainers to this day use treat to train there dogs to run courses and teach them right from wrong and most importantly to obey there commands.

11. Dog Feeder Camera

As we all know, the time when your dog is most unhappy is when your out or at work and you can’t be there to treat them.

Well, now there’s a device called a dog feeder camera, that will catapult a treat to your dog at a touch of a button all from your mobile phone. This way you can treat your dog even when your out or at work.

These are devices also have a built-in camera and 2-way audio so you can see and talk to your dog before you throw them a treat.

This device is also excellent if you have a puppy and you want to check in to make sure they are ok, you can view these Dog Feeder Cameras over at amazon.

12. Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Teaching your dog new tricks is always a challenge with some dogs that learn faster than others but this can also be a huge benefit for you both.

Not only will you be able to impress your family and friends with your dog’s new tricks but this will help develop your dog’s intelligence and as time goes by your dog will become more obedient.

When training your dog new tricks this will also keep your dog active and not bored and this will lead them to being happier.

So that’s our list of how to make your dog happier as before these steps might not work with every dog like the classic knotted bone, but give it a try and see if it works with yours, you never know till you try.

We all want the very best for our dog and for them to live a life of happiness, sure they will be times when your dog will be sad but being there to comfort them and care for them this is what counts.

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