Taking Your Dog On A Road Trip: 10 Top Tips

There’s nothing better than taking your dog on a Road Trip and being someone who was raised with dogs it’s something we did all the time. Seeing your dog with its head out the window looking all excited as they do is something all dogs love doing.

But of course, there were ups and down’s to this like times when our dog gets car sick, which every dog owner has experienced in one way or another and it’s not very pleasant to see your dog a member of the family feeling under the weather.

So being prepared is key especially if you’re taking your dog on a road trip, and in this blog post, you learn 10 tips of things you can do to prepare when taking a road trip with your dog.

1# Always give your dog water

Always pack plenty of water before leaving, Cars get hot inside even with the windows down and dogs don’t sweat to cool down like humans.

They pant this is to circulate cool air through their bodies and keep their temperature down so if your dog starts panting this is a sign that your dog is hot and needs water.

DON’T BE surprised how much water your dog will drink especially when they are hot so again take plenty with You!

2# bathroom breaks on long trips

Make sure you stop every now and then to let your dog relieve itself if your dog is drinking a lot of water then it’s something your need to do also lookout for signs.

For example, when your dog spin’s around in a circle in one spot or start’s to whistle or any suspicious smells then it’s a good chance your dog needs to do its business.

Just something to look out for!

3# Plan for sickness and Nausea

One of the hardest things for me was seeing my dog ill so I recommend you plan for sickness it’s just something some dogs will go through depending on the length of your journey

It’s always a good idea to call your local vet just to tell them you’re planning a road trip with your dog and check to see if there are any medications they can offer for car sickness.

4# Update your dog tags

Having your dog tags all updated is very important, if you have just changed your address or are moving {reason for your road trip} you want to make sure your dog tags are up to date just in case.

You could be going to a new park you let your dog off the lead it can happen to anyone. Doing this will not only give you peace of mind but will reunite you both if the worse is to happen. you can never be too careful!

5# Dog Treats

Take dog treats with you on your road trip as an advance by rewarding your dog for good deeds.

This is excellent if you have a puppy by teaching your dog right from wrong making sure they answer your commands and rewarding them for doing so.

This way you can train your dog to behave in the car and keep them calm even professional dog trainers use this method just try not to spoil them.

6# Crate

Securing your dog in the car using a crate is another option there’s a variety of crates on the market designed for transporting dogs in cars. These are excellent if you have a small dog as they are portable.

So if your dog doesn’t like the car just place him or her inside the crate then simply carry it to the car.

Then just place your crate with the dog inside on the back seat using the seat belt or luggage straps this will secure the crate in place ready for your road trip.

7# Rear dog seat cover

You also want to fit your rear car seat or boot with a dog seat cover before starting your journey, this is something you’re glad to have.

Not only will it protect your car seats or boot from any unexpected accidents or muddy pours but will save you a lot of work cleaning your car at the end of your day.

There are all kinds of dog seat covers on the market preferably you want a non-slip waterproof cover that’s quilted so it’s comfortable for your dog and easy to clean!

8# The classic knotted chewy bone

If you haven’t tried this already then we recommend you start, Just take 1 chewy bone with you and it will work wonders. This might not work with every dog but in most cases, it will.

This should keep your dog busy for at least 30 mins depending on the size so if you find your dog is extremely excited or can’t keep still give him or her the bone.

Dogs tend to chew these’s bones holding them with their pours laying down, So this will help calm your dog. Give it a try and see if it works.

9# Dog vaccinations

Make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date before you start your journey especially if you have a puppy because as we well know dogs sniff and eat almost anything and if you’re traveling to a new place or new park you want to know your dog is protected against any harmful germs.

It’s always best to check with your local vet just to be on the safe side.

10# Chuck-it Launcher 

You definitely want this with you when your dog gets out of the car, The first thing your dog will want is his ball mine did all the time.

With the chuck-it launcher, it allows you to launch the ball three times farther which means your dog will be running more and that’s always good for their health.

The best thing is you don’t need to pick the ball up with your hands as we all know what that ball will get like after about 10 mins dripping wet right!

So you can finally have a slobber-free game of fetch

If you don’t have one already I recommend you go buy one there not very expensive if you go over to Amazon you can pick one up for about £10

Taking Your Dog On A Road Trip


So there are 10 tips on how to road trip with your dog as before we grew up with dogs so these’s are our tips and what we went through as a family going on our road trips and the things we did to prepare all of that stuff!

Most of this is just common sense but there are some good useful tips here that will help your dog and to just give him or her that more enjoyable and comfortable road trip.

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