Can (And Should) Golden Retrievers Swim?

Swimming is a great form of exercise for your pet. It can help them stay healthy and fit, as well as keeping their coat sleek and shiny. However, there are some breeds that don’t like the water or swimming for that matter, while others can do it perfectly well and enjoy doing so.

Which brings us to that question can golden retrievers swim?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can swim and are known to be great swimmers for their size. They also have a hydrophilic coat which is perfect for swimming because it repels water, making it easier and quicker for them to dry off.

When your dog is swimming it’s important not to over-exercise them while they’re in the water especially if you have a Golden Retriever or any other breed that likes to swim. No matter how experienced they are at swimming!

With that said, this blog post will go over some more questions related to this topic and what considerations you should take before diving into the pool with your canine companion.

Can Golden Retriever Puppies Swim?

When introducing your Golden Retriever pup to water they won’t really be able to enjoy it too much at first. This is because they need to grow and develop stronger joints before it’s safe to take them out for their first swimming lesson in the pool or lake.

Puppies can start learning how to swim when they’re about 12 weeks old but until then, don’t stress if your dog isn’t enjoying themselves in that way yet!

If you force or push your pup into the water before they’re ready, then you may end up with a pup that has an aversion to water and won’t go near it for the rest of its life.

Most adult dogs that are scare of water is usually due to a traumatic experience they had when they were a younger pup. And as dog owners, we want to do everything in our power to keep our pets happy and healthy.

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Do Golden Retrievers Like To Swim?

Golden Retrievers are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and love of water. Many owners have asked whether or not Golden Retrievers like to swim? The short answer is Yes, Golden Retrievers love to swim and will often do it for hours on end!

With that said, If your retriever is showing signs of distress then it is possible that they suffered from a traumatic experience when they were younger.

However, this is extremely rare, and most Golden Retrievers will not give water a second thought and just jump straight in.

If you’re looking to take your Golden Retriever out in a lake or pool, and they are a bit nervous around water then it’s important that they have been acclimatized first over long periods of time with gradual exposure so they don’t get overwhelmed by the water.

To do this safely you should use a lifejacket! This will allow them to feel like they can still control themselves while being submerged, which makes swimming much more enjoyable.

If after trying these methods your dog doesn’t want anything to do with the water there are some other options too such as putting their food into little toy balls that float when dropped in the water and giving them treats when they successfully retrieve it.

Can Golden Retrievers Swim in colorian Pools?

Yes! Golden retrievers can swim in chlorinated pools but it’s important that they don’t spend too much time in the water. When they are swimming it’s important to keep an eye on their skin and eyes, which can get irritated from all of the chlorine in the pool.

If you do notice this, give them a rinse off with water as soon as possible and make sure that you use soap to wash off the colorain from their coat. Also, make sure they don’t drink the water when playing in the pool.

If they do then this can cause problems or even make the dog sick which is the last thing you want! If this is something that worries you then the recommended option would be to use a Puncture Proof Dog Pool and fill it with plain water.

But what’s good about these pools is that they are made from strong PVC material which will prevent your dog from piercing the pool with their sharp claws.

Golden Retriever Swimming

What Makes Golden Retrievers Good At Swimming?

Golden Retrievers are known to be good at swimming, but why? There are many reasons why Golden Retrievers are better swimmers than other breeds. First, they have an excellent sense of balance.

Because they have a good sense of balance and they have a long snout it’s easy for them to keep their head above water. But, what really gives them the advantage is the fact that they are natural-born swimmers! and this comes down to three main reasons…

  • Hydrophilic Coat
  • Powerful Legs
  • Body Shape
  • Energetic

Hydrophilic Coat

The Coat of Golden Retrievers: The coat is also one of the things that set them apart from other breeds. It can feel like a mixture between silk and velvet.

This type of coat doesn’t allow water to stay on their body for very long which is perfect when they’re swimming because as soon as they get out they’ll dry off in minutes!

The Hydrophilic Coat also acts as a natural water repellent which means that they don’t need to work very hard at all during swimming.

Powerful Legs

The Strong and Powerful Legs of Golden Retrievers are another reason why they’re great swimmers. The strong leg muscles in combination with their long snout give them the perfect balance to be able to swim for hours on end!

This can also be a huge benefit if they jump into a lake that has a strong current. Because their legs can help them hold their head above the water, and they can use their front paws for extra propulsion.

This in turn makes it possible for them to swim to safety against strong currents.

Body Shape

Golden Retrievers also have a very long and sleek body shape which gives them an edge when it comes to swimming. Their athletic shape also helps them to be able to swim for a longer period of time without getting tired.

This gives them a huge advantage over most other breeds who are short and stocky with a shorter snout and heavier coat.


The energy of Golden Retrievers definitely gives them the upper hand when it comes to swimming and combined with their strong legs they are able to swim for hours on end without getting tired.

They also have a very fast and graceful swimming technique which is perfect if there trying to swim upstream or against strong currents.

However, because of their high energy, it’s hard for them to be in one place for too long without doing anything, especially for pups!

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How To Teach Your Golden Retriever To Swim?

So as you know, Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers, but like all dogs, they need to learn how before jumping in the water. When you introduce your Golden Retriever to the water for the first time it is best if they wear a life vest and have someone there with them at all times.

To successfully train your dog, it’s important to be able to understand them on a personal level. This means understanding what motivates and scares your dog. Knowing this will make it much easier to train your dog.

Now, typically you should train your golden retriever when they are a pup, however, you can train them when they are an adult it just may be slightly longer especially if they are scared of the water.

1. Use A Life Jacket

When training your dog to swim it’s important that you use a life jacket. This will help your dog stay afloat and also provide stability if they begin to panic or get tired while swimming.

The best type of life jacket is one with plenty of buoyancy. This means that it has more air inside which helps the dog float better than those with less buoyancy would do. This will also keep their head above water and will provide warmth once out of the water.

2. Use A Small Pool

If you don’t want to spend time going down the beach or river with your dog, then a paddling pool is perfect. A lot of dogs love playing in these pools and they provide an easy way for them to exercise without having to go too far from home.

The water will also be warmer than a river which means that there’s less chance that they will get cold.

3. Hold Your Dog As They Swim

If you’re teaching your dog to swim then it’s a good idea to hold them the entire time. This will help keep them calm and relaxed as they get used to swimming.

It also helps provide support if they start getting tired or panicky while swimming.

Many dogs are afraid of being dropped from heights so holding onto them will make them feel more secure by giving their mind something else to focus on other than what might happen next.

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Benefits Of Letting Golden Retrievers Swim

When people think of exercising their pets, they often think about walking or running. However, swimming is a great exercise that can help keep your golden retriever healthy and happy.

This will also give your dog hours on end worth of physical activity which in turn means that they’ll be tired when they’re finished so there won’t be any extra energy left over for mischief!

So now let’s take a look at some other benefits that swimming can have on your dog.

  • Strengthen Their Muscles
  • Good For Their Joints
  • Socialize With Other Dogs
  • Helps Dogs Lose Weight
  • Relief From The Heat

Strengthen Their Muscles

Swimming is a great way of strengthening their muscles because it’s both an aerobic and resistance exercise that will give your dog the energy they need.

This is great if you have a puppy because it will help them grow into a healthy adult dog.

Good For Their Joints

Another benefit associated with swimming is strengthened joints, especially in older dogs who might struggle with mobility issues. This can be achieved by holding onto your pet while they are floating or paddling around in the water!

This strengthens the joints and also means that you get some quality bonding time as well – not many people would turn down cuddle time with their pet if given the chance!

Socialize With Other Dogs

One of the best benefits that swimming dogs has to offer is how it helps them socialize and play with other dogs which is great for their mental health.

This can be achieved by taking your dog for an afternoon swim at one of those outdoor pools or even a local river where you’ll find many other doggy friends waiting to make new friends!

Helps Dogs Lose Weight

Swimming is one of the best activities for overweight dogs who aren’t allowed any treats throughout their diet is providing some open access to water – this way they’ll be able to eat as much they need and also get plenty of exercise.

This will help both your dog’s physical health but their mental health too because it can be very boring to just lie around all day with nothing to do!

Swimming helps keep them entertained so that there won’t be any extra energy left over for mischief when they’re done swimming.  

Relief From The Heat

If you have a dog that is struggling with the summer heat, then swimming is perfect for them to get some relief from the scorching heat in the summer.

This will help cool them down so that there’s less chance of things like dehydration or overheating which means they’ll be in better health overall which will make for happier pet owners!


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand why swim time should be just as important as walk time when! it comes to your Golden Retrievers.

As long as you are willing to take the time and introduce swimming slowly, then it’s definitely worth trying out with your pet because the benefits associated with this activity go well beyond just physical health!

In addition, if your dog likes playing in water then perhaps diving right in will make things easier but just remember: always stay close by and hold onto them so they don’t get too scared or panicked while figuring out their surroundings.

Forcing yourself away from your pet could cause some separation anxiety issues which would only make the situation worse.

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