How Long Should A Dog Be In A Crate?

We all use dog crates at some point in our lives, whether we’re going on long road trips or maybe abroad on holiday or even at home, and knowing How long should a dog be in a crate is a very good question.

Now a dog shouldn’t be in a crate no longer than 8 hours, you also need to take into account the age and health of your dog, If you have a dog that’s quite old then spending long periods of time in crate can be very uncomfortable for your dog, here’s some more examples you need to consider…

  • The size of your dog crate
  • The size of your dog
  • If you have a puppy
  • How often your dog needs to relieve themselves

It’s always a good idea to know when your dog needs to relieve themselves especially if they have been eating and drinking a’lot this will avoid any unnecessarily accidents.

Leaving dog in crate while at work

If your leaving your dog in the crate while at work then you should pop back on a lunch break, if you can’t do this then make sure you let your dog out to do there business first before you leave.

If you can’t do this, then set up a pet camera this way you can keep an eye on your dog, you can also get pet cameras on Amazon that have a 2 way audio, so if needs be, you can talk to your dog if they start are misbehaving.

Also if you know your be at work all day then don’t forget to leave a little bowl of water for your dog, ‘but not to much’ just enough to keep your dog hydrated until you return. Once you return be sure to take your dog for a long walk or run so they can stretch there legs.

Crate Training A Puppy While At Work

Crate training a puppy while at work can be a challenge but not impossible, and to do this you need to get your puppy familiar with the crate, you also want to lay any blankets that your dog sleeps on.

This will give your dog the idea that its a place to sleep, and will feel more comfortable being in the crate. Once your dog is familiar with the crate, then you should try commands, for example: open the crate door and tell your dog to enter once they do this you should give them a treat.

This might not work first time so repeat this procedure until your dog learns, once your comfortable with your dog being in the crate, you then want to set up a pet camera and make sure it has a 2 way audio as mentioned above.

So when your at work you can check in and see how your dog is doing and talk to them, this is how your going to train your puppy while at work. so if they start barking or whimpering you can give voice commands and help to calm your puppy.

As before if you don’t have a pet camera, the best place would be to visit Amazon there you can read the reviews before you purchase.

How Long Can You Leave A Puppy In A Crate

How long can you leave a puppy in a crate? the maximum time you should leave a puppy in a crate for is 8 hours no longer, this goes for any dogs even adults.

After being in a crate for this length of time your dog will start to get irritable and will want to be let out, and this can cause problems especially if your dog starts barking.

If you know your going to be out longer or working any overtime, then you should get a friend or neighbour to check in on your dog and let them stretch there legs and to go toilet.

Dog Sleeping In Crate At Night

Having your dog sleeping in the crate at night is fine, but they shouldn’t be in the crate no longer than 8 hours. so you want to place your dog in the crate at the last possible minute before you go bed.

Getting your dog to sleep in the crate at night for around 6 to 8 hours should be easy enough even for a puppy, it’s always good to take them out for a run in the evening, this will help your dog sleep easier.

Also always leave them a small bowl of water even at night so when your dog wakes and is thirsty they can help themselves to the water.

The Size Of Your Dog Crate

If you plan on having your dog in a crate for along period of time, then make sure there’s plenty of room for your dog to stand up and move around.

The average size of a large house crate is usually around 91cm x 64cm x 69cm this will be sufficient for any dog that’s in the crate for up to 8 hours.

Also make sure the bottom of the crate is well padded by laying dog blankets you want your dog as comfortable as possible, if your dog is not comfortable then this will cause you problems later on.


So How Long Should A Dog Be In A Crate this really depends on the size of the crate, if its large enough for your dog to move around then up to 8 hours should be fine.

Don’t forget to throw in a bone or squeaky toy, so if your dog is restless then at least they can chew on something and not the crate. But as mentioned above you really need to get a camera so you can always check on your dog just to make sure everything is ok.

There are pet cameras that actually toss treats to your dog, and again you can do this from your phone, if your training a puppy then this is the tool you need. If you want to view this dog camera on amazon Click Here.

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