Leaving A Dog In A Tent While Camping [Ultimate Guide in 2023]

Dogs love exploring the wilderness just as much as people and while taking your dog on a camping trip can be an amazing time for both of you, unfortunately, there are certain activities a dog cannot take part in.

So leaving dog in tent while camping seems to be a more appropriate choice.

However, there are campsites that have rules and conditions for allowing you to leave your pooch behind that will have to be obeyed.

By following these tips below this will help you enjoy your camping trip to the fullest without worrying about your furry friend alone in the tent.

Now, there are some things to keep in mind when you are leaving your dog in a tent when camping, or if your camping with your pooch in general.

Tips For Leaving Your Dog In A Tent While Camping

While it is recommended you stay with your dog the whole time, here are some of the things you can do to ensure your pet’s safety while you are gone.

Temperature Adjustment

If you are one of the people who prefer to go camping in the hot weather, you must know that your dog is going to get hot at some point of the camping trip and so here are some of the things you can do to ensure your dog’s well-being while you are gone.

  • Using fan
  • Pitching the tent on the grass
  • Putting the tent in a shaded area
  • Opening vents and windows
Leaving A Dog In A Tent While Camping

Having Someone Near

If you plan on leaving your dog for a while and you are camping with your friends or relatives, it’s best to ask someone if they can stay back to check on your dog.

If there is none else that can stay behind then consider speaking to the campsite owner or warden to see if they can arrange something for you.

Bringing Dog Crate

Dog travel crates always come in handy and they can be used for almost anything. Whether you’re going on holiday abroad, traveling on a ferry or car, and even on a camping trip.

However, you always want to prepare your dog for this so they feel comfortable in the crate. Afterall a dog crate can be the closest thing to his home especially when traveling long distances.

Providing Water

Water is as vital to the dogs as it is for us. Water can keep us cool when our body gets hot, or we feel dehydrated, and the same goes for the dog.

So remember to keep a good amount of water in the tent before you leave. This way if your dog feels hot, he can drink water to regulate his body’s temperature.

Air Ventilation

It is important to have a tent with windows, some tents are designed with windows at the bottom while others on the top. Both can do a proper job for circulating air in the tent.

The constant crossing of air is important to keep your pet and you comfortable. In hot weather, the crossing of air will help modulate the weather inside the tent.

Keep It Dark In The Tent

In the summer, this can be of great help as the darkness will help keep your dog cool. Another benefit when it’s dark is that the dog keeps calm in the darkness and can sleep easier.

It is also recommended to keep a dark fabric on the dog’s tent or crate, just in case of any fireworks or bright lights as this can cause uneasiness in the dog.

Entertainment For Your Dog

Dogs tend to get bored quickly when they are not engaged in any activity or has no one around to play with, and so they can get anxious quickly.

To tackle this issue, you can bring some toys along with you on your camping trip to avoid boredom getting to your pooch.

Do Not Leave Food In The Tent

When you leave food in the tent with your dog, animals or predators in the vicinity can also catch a whiff of the food especially if your camping in the wildness and break into the camp, harming your adorable animal.

Take Care Of Your Dog’s Nature Call

You need to check on your dog periodically to ensure that your dog is alright or if he needs to relieve themselves. When a dog is left to its own devices and is not looked after, he may start to get uneasy and poop in the tent.

Grooming Your Dog

You need to take care of your dog’s needs before camping as mostly, all that the dog needs is a hairdo and trimmings of their hair before camping.

This type of grooming is essential if you are going on camping in summer to make the heat bearable for your adorable pet.

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Leaving A Dog In A Tent While Camping In The Winter

Not everyone goes camping in the summer, so if your someone who prefers to go camping in winter then here are some more steps you can take to make sure your dog is safe and warm.

  • Having a small campfire for warmth
  • Pinching a tent in an open area
  • Where sunlight hits
  • Closing some windows for the heat
  • Putting tent on rock or sand as they are much warmer than grass

Why Leaving Dog In Tent While Camping Is A Bad Idea

First, we will go through some of the consequences that may change your decision for leaving your dog alone in a tent.

Awareness Of Weather

Weather is an essential thing that should be kept in mind. Most people plan their trips according to the weather, so what you decide to do with your dog also heavily depends upon the weather.

The hot weather causes trouble for the dog, and although it is recommended for the dog to stay in one place under shaded areas like a tree or a tent.

It can also be bad for the dog as sometimes the dog needs to move around and drink water to calm himself.

There is also the issue of temperature rising in a closed area, and so if you are not around, you won’t know the type of temperature pressure your dog is going through.

People tend to leave their dogs in their cars while they go about their work while the dog is left to suffer in the closed space. Even on mild temperature, the closed area tends to get much higher in temperature.

And if you are planning to go on a journey in cold weather that can also be a choice of concern as the low temperature can also lead to your dog’s anxiety.

The cold weather will leave your dog shivering if not given the right equipment.

Duration Of Your Activity

Another thing to bear in mind is the amount of time you will be leaving your dog unattended. While the dogs are used to staying alone in the house for long periods, camping is another story as everything around them is new.

In these times, absence for a couple of hours can be dealt with by your dog, but if you are planning for a whole day activity like fishing or hiking, then it can be pretty bad.

Your dog would not be able to get proper food, go to the toilet, or do anything activities and as mentioned, the temperature also plays a vital role in camping.

So, leaving your dog unattended for a whole day without assessing the temperature of the tent can make you worry, and your companion uneasy.

The duration of activity is to be kept in mind if you choose to go camping in a cold season as the dog will not be able to produce the amount of energy he needs to make himself warm by eating or exercising.

So he will start to get anxious.

Another key point to be kept in mind is that we all need good exercises in the cold weather to keep our core warm and so if your dog is not able to get an ample amount of exercise when you are away for too long, he will start shivering and get distressed.

There is also a chance of rainfall or storm in the cold season, which could prove to be fatal for your dog, so it is not right to leave your dog while you go out for extended activities.

Prior planning is required in such scenarios, otherwise, your dog could get sick or feel uneasy on the trip, which can cause you to rush to your vet, or it may also mean cutting your trip short.

If you plan a trip with your relatives and friends, you can also ask them to look over your furry friend while you are gone for an adventure for an extended period.

Campsite Rules

When you plan a trip with your furry friend, it is crucial to know the rules and regulations of the places you are going to be camping.

It is essential to make sure that the place where you are going to be camping is suitable for your pooch, as there are some camping sites that do not allow dogs on the premises.

Those that do allow the dog to stay on the grounds do not allow for the dog to be alone at any time in the day. Getting to know this at the last minute will be a cause of distress for you and may lead you to cut your camping trip.

Even if you are not sure of any such rules, you should still make sure that leaving your dog at the campsite is not a violation of the rules of the campsite as it can cause a penalty in the form of a fine.

The Temperament Of Your Dog

Sometimes your ability to do activities of your choice lies with the personality of your dog. Some dogs are okay with you gone while other dogs like to keep the company of their owners and will not be okay with you gone.

Although this might not seem like a big deal, it is essential to keep your dog’s personality in mind when leaving dog in tent while camping.

Assessing Your Campsite

Everything comes down to one question: are you willing to risk the safety of your dog?

If not, then you have got to assess the area of your campfire. When you are out in the wild, your dog will be exposed to different insects or wildlife, which can cause your dog to panic, ultimately causing you panic.

Sometimes a campfire is at a place with hordes of people at the same place. Some of the dogs are uncomfortable with a large group of people.

There are likely to be other dogs, which can also be a cause of distress for your dog.

Even if you have gone to the campfire with an honest heart, it doesn’t mean that everybody will, and so there are also chances that someone will try to make a move on your dog and so you must have your dog microchipped if you are not able to find your dog.

It may be possible that the area you have chosen for camping has snakes lurking around, which can cause distress.

If you have prior knowledge of any such place, it is essential to get your dog vaccinated against specific snakes and ask your vet about some useful advice.

This reason alone makes for people not to leave their dog in a tent while camping, and if they have to go for their activity, they like to bring relatives or friends along with them to watch over the dog while they are gone seizing the day.

Dog’s Age

The age of the dog is also a thought you should concern yourself with.

You cannot go on camping with your puppy due to many implications and that the puppies are hyperactive and have a hard time staying in one place and so you must go with a dog that can listen and act upon your words.

With age, your dog’s hearing and sight diminish, and he is no longer able to keep his calm. Although the dog is familiar with the sounds and comfort of your home, he is not aware of the sounds and the uncomfortable feeling of camping. Which causes them to get anxious.

There is also a matter of walks that your senior dogs cannot do, and so elderly dogs are also not ideal for camping.

Adult dogs are the best as they can keep their calm in these situations, listen to you, act upon it, and know their environment.

Although adult dogs are not as active as puppies, they are still energetic and adventurous, so they will tag along with you whenever possible. The long walks will not be a problem for your adult dog.


If you are looking to go on camping, certain things should be kept in mind. There are times in camping when you decide leaving dog in tent while camping due to some of the activities.

However, Leaving dog in tent while camping is worrisome for you and makes the dog uneasy, resulting in a bad camping experience.

And so we have provided tips for leaving your dog in a tent while camping, which can help take away your worry when you go seizing the day leaving the dog behind.