Taking A Dog To Malta: Rules & Regulations

Taking a dog to Malta is not that complicated, you just need to know about the Rules & Regulations first before you start planning for that dream holiday with your family and dog.

Now your dog will need to go through some tests first before travelling to Malta, so make sure you plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time to prepare.

Is Malta Dog Friendly

So the first thing you want to ask yourself, ”Is Malta Dog Friendly” and is it a good place to be taking your dog on holiday. Because the last thing you want, once your in Malta, is to find out your dog is not welcome at any of the places you visit.

The good news is ”YES” Malta is extremely dog friendly, and it’s definitely a place where your dog will feel right at home, with all the dog friendly beaches, bars, and restaurants it’s worth the trip.

But like all countries there are rules you need to follow, even when you have your dog in Malta, you still need to abide by their guidelines, and in this article your learn exactly what these’s rules and guidelines are.

Dogs Passport

Now if your already living in the EU then your need a Dogs Passport, Malta accept all pet passports that are from the EU. But if your from a non EU country then this is where your need a health certificate for your dog.

A dogs health certificate is a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) this is to declare that your dog is healthy and fit for travel. Your dog will need to go through some medical tests before your are issued the dogs health certificate.

All the tests your dog will go through to obtain this health certificate is the same when applying for a Dogs Passport and there will be a fee. Your Dogs Passport or health Certificate will then be filled in, stamped and signed by an Official Veterinarian once all the tests are complete.

To enquire about apply for pets passport or health certificate contact your local vet and tell them that you plan on travelling abroad with your dog, they will then book an appointment to see you and your dog.

Your vet can also advise you about how much this will all cost. Here in the UK the cost for a dogs passport can be anywhere between £80 to £150 and this is not including any costs for additional vaccination’s if required.

Dog Vaccinations

Dog Vaccinations are very important when travelling abroad, and most countries require your dog to be vaccinated before you can enter, and Malta is no different.

Before you travel to Malta, your dog need’s to have a primary or booster vaccination and the primary vaccination needs to be administered 21 days before you enter the country.

The good news once you have visited Malta with your dog, the 21 day waiting period is not required with more visits, but this is only if the rabies boosters are kept up to date.

If your taking a dog to Malta that’s from a high rabies country, then you must wait for a minimum of 30 days after the primary or booster vaccination before you can administer the rabies titer test.

What Is A Rabies Titer Test?

A rabies titer test is basically an estimation of your dogs immune response against the rabies virus. This is done by taking blood samples from your dog, theses blood sample’s are then taken to a laboratory where the tests are conducted.

Once your dogs test results come back as all clear then you can enter Malta, but no sooner than 3 months from the date of the blood test. If you arrive within that time then your dog will be quarantined until the 3 months are up.

Dog Microchip Registration

You will need to get your dog micro chipped before heading to Malta, this is also one of the requirements to obtain a dogs passport or health certificate.

I’ve said this many times before but losing your dog abroad can be heart breaking for you the owner, and the chances of finding your dog without a micro chip can be slim.

So having your dog micro chipped is not only a requirement, but this is going to put your mind at ease, just in case anything was to happen and your dog was lost

If your dog already has a microchip then just remember to make sure all your details on your dogs microchip are up to date. To make arrangements for a Dog Microchip Registration all you need to do is call your local vet and they can get the ball rolling.

It’s a painless procedure for your dog and takes only seconds to install. The price for this can vary, but here in the UK the vet will usually charge around £15 for the implant.

Tapeworm Treatment

Another requirement before taking your dog to Malta is, you will need to have your dog treated for tapeworm this can be done one to five days before entering the country.

If your travelling from the United Kingdom Finland or Norway then this will not be required. The Tapeworm Treatment can be given to your dog orally or by injection.

Your veterinarian should also record the tapeworm treatment and vaccinations on the health certificate or passport, depending on where your travelling from.

Banned Dog Breeds In Malta

One thing that lot of people forget to do when taking a dog to Malta or anywhere abroad is to check whether your dog is allowed in the country.

There’s alot of countries including Malta and here in the UK where certain dog breeds are classed as dangerous and banned from entering the country.

In 1998 there were restrictions on keeping certain dangerous dogs breeds in Malta that I’ve listed below. If you don’t have any of theses dog breeds then your be fine to enter Malta with your dog.

  • American Pitt Bull Terrier
  • Dogo Argentino – Argentine Mastiff
  • Fila Brasileiro – Brazillian Mastiff
  • Tosa Inu

Dog Friendly Beaches In Malta

There are plenty of Dog Friendly Beaches In Malta to explore with your dog, and it’s always a good idea to know about theses beaches, and what the rules and regulations are ahead of time, so you don’t run into any trouble later on.

Even when a beach is dog friendly there are still rules you need to follow in order to use the beach with your dog, So below is an example of two Beaches in Malta that are dog friendly and what the rules are.

Xwejni bay beach is a beauitful beach that located in Gozo Marsalforn, where your dog is welcome all through the year. Dogs are even allow to swim, which is great because not all beaches in Malta allow this.

Your dog must be on a leash at all times when on the beach, and your responsible for any mess your dog might make, so it’s a good idea to pack some bags just in case.

Rinella bay beach is a small sandy beach located in kalkara, and is dog friendly, again you can let your dog take a dip in the ocean here, but your dog will need to be on a lead when walking on the beach.

Malta like to keep there beaches clean, so always make sure you clean up after your dog as you are responsible for any accidents or any damage that might occur.

So as you can see the rules are very simple on the two beaches I’ve just mentioned, as long as you follow the rules and make sure your dog doesn’t bother anyone that’s sunbathing then you and your dog will be fine.

Flying With A Dog

So at this point we have gone through all rules and regulations, everything your need to know for taking a dog to Malta. We even looked at some dog friendly beaches so now the next thing is transportation.

If your planning on flying with your dog to Malta, again there are rules you need to be aware of before booking your flight.

For example: Air Malta accept dogs and other pets in the cabin that are under 10 kg of weight and this includes the dog carrier. The carrier itself must not measure more than 40 cm x 34 cm x 20 cm and must be of the collapsible type. 

The dog carrier must also be placed underneath the seat in front of the owner without blocking any person’s path to the main aisle of the plane

Only adults may carry a pet in the cabin and only one container per passenger is permitted. A single payment of €70.00 that’s non refundable is applicable per container you carry in the cabin

If your dog and carrier exceeds the dimensions or weight limits, then your dog will have to travel in the cargo hold. Fees will apply

Dog Carrier

Picking the right Dog Carrier is very important, whether your travelling by plane, train, or ferry, they all require that your dog is transported in a suitable carrier.

Having a dog carrier will make it a’lot easier when transporting your dog, and as mentioned above Airlines wont even let you board with your dog unless your have correct carrier that are within the rule and regulations.

Now if you haven’t got a dog carrier, the place i recommend you start is Amazon there your find dog carriers that are already airline approved with customer reviews and prices. To view theses Airline Approved Dog Carriers on Amazon Click Here