Can Morkies Swim? Do they like to Swim? [2022 Safety Tips]

Can Morkies Swim? Do they really like to Swim?

Morkies are basically a mixed breed originating from Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier dog breeds.

Due to this fact, people call them with a second name the Maltese Yorkshire.

Having a love for Morkies and enthusiasm for Swimming is one great combination.

These little furballs will love accompanying you to the swimming pool or nearby lake.

Regardless of any training, your little Morkie will naturally float and swim even on the first attempt.

Though before you take Morkies in water, there are a few things you should learn.

Along with that, a little training for your dog will ensure their comfort and safety.

So, with that said, without any further ado, let’s put some light on Morkies and their swimming talent.

Introduction to Morkies

Morkies or Maltese Yorkshires are the designer dogs ideal for urban dwellers that can happily live in small spaces.

Though they are happy-go-lucky, Morkies can become extremely barky when seeing new people around.

Even though Morkies are considered a toy breed, their energy level is always on extreme levels.

They either need certain hours of playtime or exercise every day. And if not, they will begin destruction around your house.

From scratching the door to ripping off your favorite couch and barking on their highest pitch, a day without spending energy can become trouble for Morkie owners.

Dog owners who find a daily lawn walk boring can take their Morkies out for Swimming.

Can Morkies Swim

Are Morkies Predisposed to Swimming?

A lot of new Dog parents are often curious whether their Morkie is Predisposed to Swimming

As we quoted above, Morkie is a mixed breed of Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier.

And as both of them are considered good swimmers, this quality is naturally transferred to Morkies.

Morkies have a sleek, light-toned, and lightweight body.

They have thick fur, though, unlike other furry balls, Morkies do not have a double coat.

With all advantages of physical build and aerodynamic fur, Morkies prove as great swimmers.

When trained rightly, they can prove excellent with the sport.

Is it important to teach your Morkies to swim?

One of the most crucial skills a Morkie or any other dog can learn is ‘Swimming.’ Though Morkies are natural swimmers, it is important to guide them in this skill.

You cannot simply throw your dog into a pond or swimming pool and expect them to swim like an Olympic champion.

Despite Swimming being their natural skill, it is not necessary that all Morkies might know how to swim.

How to figure out if your Morkie can swim?

Instead of tossing your dog directly into the swimming pool, first, figure out whether they are capable or not.

  • Does your Morkie enjoy their bath time?
  • Or, while you put them into the water tub, do they love splashing it around?
  • Or does being in a water tub scare your Morkie?

It is only after answering the above question; one should look forward to Swimming training their dog.

If your dog is scared of bath, absolutely hates water, and panics, when placed in a bathtub, teaching them how to swim, can bring you tough times.

If they get agitated or snips or show anxiety symptoms, it is bad to take them swimming.

Remember, despite their natural talent, not all dogs are apt for Swimming.

While a breed is extremely skilled in Swimming, there are some dogs that hate water.

Thus, before you and your Morkie step towards the swimming pool, ensure your pet is comfortable and happy.

How to train your Morkies to swim?

Morkies are natural swimmers, and thus training them for the sport is relatively easy.

Morkies may seem small, but they possess energy similarly to those big muscular dogs.

And with that, they are required to shed this energy with the same frequency as big dogs.

The best way to let your Morkie lose some energy is through Swimming.

 Do morkies like to Swim

Morkies are hyperactive and curious.

They absolutely love challenges, and thus the chances are that they take a quick drive into the pool on the first day.

This is why we recommend you to start with a Kiddie pool, splash pool, or portable swimming pool first.

The only concern here is the pool high must be short. It will also help the trainer to rescue the dog as and when required.

Never let your Morkie swim alone.

While you are just beginning with the training, let your dog float on your palm. Or hold them lightly from either side and let them paddle on their own.

Some patience, extreme guidance, no yelling, and nearly two weeks is all that will take your Morkie to learn Swimming.

While in a regular pool, use a life jacket.

Step down into the pool yourself and encourage your Morkie to swim.

Possibly in a week or so, you can let them swim even without a lifejacket.

Tips to ensure Morkies safety while swimming

As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your Morkie’s safety in every circumstance. While swimming:


Check the water temperature and make sure it is neither too cold nor too hot. Avoid winters for Swimming.


Letting your dog swim in Chlorinated water for long can dry their fur, stripping the natural oil.

It can even lead to hot spots, skin infections, and hair loss.


However, to deal with that, always rinse your dog after even a small swimming session.

This will limit their exposure to chlorine. Also, pat them dry with a clean towel.


Clean our dog’s ear regularly, especially after a swimming session.

Also, before stepping out for a swimming session, consider applying some sunscreen.

Note: Only choose sunscreens that are formulated specifically for dogs.

Many of you might not stay aware, but like us humans, dogs too can use sunscreen (OK, you can make them use).

Always keep an eye on your Morkie while swimming.

Be alert if they are struggling or swimming. If you are at a pond or lake, the chances are that your dog might get into trouble with insects and even a duckling. Thus, be extra cautious with them around.

Do not force your dog to swim endlessly for hours.

A 15 to 20 minutes swimming session is good enough for a day. Some super-fit and energetic dogs can even go for 1 hour, though not more than that.

Be Alert about and insects and pets

There are possibilities that the swimming pool area has mosquitos and insects.

Thus, to protect your little furry Morkie, use insect repellent formulated for dogs.

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Monitor Whimpering and whining

If your dog whimpers and whines after a swimming session, take them to the vet immediately.

It can be muscular pain due to extreme physical exhaustion, any kind of skin irritation, or so.

If your dog is anti-social

Avoid swimming in overcrowded pools. Or, with dog pools, there are chances of having several aggressive dogs around.

To ensure your pet’s safety, avoid choosing such spots.

Don’t go swimming in unfamiliar water:

Though we encourage lake swimming for dogs, it can still lead to potential dangers.

Unfamiliar water may have snakes, sharp rocks, shells, and changing depths.

Until you sense, these potential dangers can cause you and your dog some harm.

Blue-green algae:

It is another common but ignored danger.

It can cause eye, ear, throat, and skin irritation or can even upset your dog’s stomach.


And the verdict states, Yes, Morkies can Swim, and they surely love Swimming.

Though because your canines are not familiar with the positive and negative events of being around water, it’s your job to stay alert.

Taking your Morkie for Swimming is a great form of fun and cooling down but avoid putting them in any unfavorable conditions.

They cannot say it loud that the water is too cold or hot, but it is the owner’s job to figure it out.

Further, despite how good your dog is at Swimming, there is a limit for every session and frequency. With that said, we hope this article has resolved all your concerns and queries.

So the next time it gets too hot, book your dog and yourself and relaxing swimming session. And sunscreen and insect repellent for both of you.

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