11 Dog Breeds That Fit Under Airplane Seat

Traveling abroad not only takes the mind off your daily life but also opens the mind to something new that just fills you with excitement, and now more and more people each year are traveling abroad with their dogs, this way they won’t feel alone throughout there holiday.

So if you’re someone who is getting ready to jump on that plane with your dog but first want to know what type of Dog Breeds That Fit Under Airplane Seat then this article is for you.

You see for most dog owners going abroad and visiting new places without your four-legged friend by your side is a holiday that’s not worth going on.

You want that familiar face next to you, and if you are a dog owner then leaving your dog behind when traveling can be a very hard thing to do.

Just a mere thought about your dog being lonely in the house or in a kennel would make any pet owner feel uncomfortable.

You see dogs are very emotional creatures with a lot of affection for their owners.

If left alone, they might get anxious which can lead to serious health problems.

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Rules & Regulations

The world we are living in now is far different than the world that we used to live in back in the day.

back then, you would need to leave your dog behind whenever you wanted to go on holiday.

But now, things are a lot different with more and more people each year bringing their beloved pet along with them, it just makes your holiday so much more special.

But to do this, of course, there are rules to follow if you want to take your dog with you on holiday.

Not following the rules can make the whole thing troublesome later on,

and with so many countries now having tighter regulations, you really need to know these rules, so you know what to expect before setting off.

Dogs Passport

The first thing you want to get is your dog’s passport. Because the last thing you want is to be sitting through quarantine trying to get your dog into another country.

Especially when your going on holiday, so getting a passport for your dog should be the first thing you do.

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Now according to the Pet Travel Scheme, Any pet that has a passport can travel to several countries without any hassle for the pet owners.

So with your dog’s passport, you can travel United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many countries in Europe.

Certificate Of Veterinary Inspection 

If you haven’t got a dog’s passport then consider looking into getting these’s documents for your dog called a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) and to get this you will need to contact your local vet.

Airlines ask for these’s documents, so if you have an old document update them with the recent date or year.

Some airlines have a strict age limit when it comes to animals.

Must Follow guidelines

There are plenty of dogs that can fit under your airplane seat but the owner of the dog has to follow a set of rules before thinking about taking them out for personal travel.

First of all, you will need a portable dog carrier and the carrier has to have a pre-approval by the airline.

And of course, the size does matter when it comes to the placement of the carrier inside the plane.

The carrier has to be able to fit under the airplane seat.

Now, there are a vast majority of dog crates on the market today and to help you pick the right one.

We have reviewed 25 Dog Crates And Cages suitable for all types of transport including “Airline Approved Dog Carriers”

The Size Of The Dog Matters

If the size of your dog is too big to fit inside of a carrier. Then the dog has to go through the cargo hold.

At that point the dog has only two options for air travel, one is to go through as checked baggage and the other one is manifest cargo.

Besides the size of the dog, the weight and structure are also a consideration.

Airlines provide a limited range of dimensions of the carrier and the weight of the dog has to meet the requirements.

The weight of the animal has to be under 20 pounds this includes the weight of the pet carrier.

It’s not only the paperwork you have to care about but, you also have to pay attention to the health of your dog.

Before you take your dog up for some traveling, it’s far better to make sure the dog is ready to fly.

Some dogs have a serious health problems that could come up when they are in the air.

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11 Dog Breeds That Fit Under Airplane Seat

Norwich Terrier

Norwich terrier is the smallest of all terrier dogs. Weighing in at 5.0–5.5 kg (11.0–12.1 lb) and height of (24–25.5 cm (9.4–10.0 in).

These certain dog breeds can easily fit under an Airplane seat and are well known for having great energy and personality to make any person in this world just fall in love with them.

These dogs have the best personality and what they lack inside they make it for being obedient to the owner. Norwich terriers get happy when they are assigned to a job.


These white furry Maltese are known for their glamorous outlook on their body.

Weighing in at 1.4–3.6 kg (3–8 lb) and height of 20–25 cm (8–10 in).

You might see them in Nobel houses or at a fancy party.

Having a permanent white furry coat have its perks, but it needs proper grooming care to match the full beauty.

Yorkshire Terrier

This dog is closer to the one we discussed earlier, just like Maltese, Yorkshire terrier has a furry coat over their body.

These dogs can weigh 7 pounds, they can grow up to be 7 or 8 inches long.

They have various personalities, sometimes they can be bossy, brave, and energetic.

These are the kinds of dogs you would get to see in a dog event.


One of the most popular dogs in the whole that can melt the hearts of people miles away.

They are famous for their personality traits. These dogs are some of the friendliest dogs in the breeds of dogs.

Just like a Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian can weigh at 7 pounds, some of them even come at just 3 pounds.

Pomeranians can be very loyal to their owners, and they will not tolerate loneliness.

They get often very feisty around their master or the owner.

Brussels Griffon

If you ever have seen this dog, then you know what kind of message they give by just the look on their faces.

If you are unfamiliar with Brussels griffons, they are known as having a monkey face with a human expression.

These dogs are very intelligent and have a breath of freshness on their faces.

These dogs can be very small in size, but they can be very heavy and athletic for sports. That’s right, Brussels griffon is one of the favorites for dog sports events.

These dogs are very friendly with other people and dogs. If the dog finds a member of the family-friendly, then the dog would snuggle with them.

Shih Tzu

The ethnic name suits the dogs pretty well, the real meaning behind the word Shih Tzu means ‘Little Lion’.

These dogs are not known for their aggressiveness, they are very friendly because they are bred to be a companion for humans.

Shih Tzu is very affectionate in their personality and they like to visit new areas and like going outdoors.

All groups and classes of people adore these dogs and loves to tame tham as pets.

In ancient times, emperors used to have Shih Tzu around them because of their loyalty in nature.


It can be a little hard to pronounce this dog’s name.

Once you learn the name, then these dogs are some of the best companion dogs you can ever have.

There is a reason why these dogs are on the lap of imperial Chinese family members.

But nowadays, everybody can get these dogs as a companion for life.

These dogs are very prideful. Which has its uses, but the pride will come in your way of training the dog.


Unlike Pekingese, the word chihuahua just rolls out of your tongue, even if you never heard of the dog’s name ever in your life.

They come in small sizes but the personality of these dogs can mount off to a horde of elephants.

They are very agile and obedient, which makes them perfect for sports events.

Chihuahua is a fast learner, which makes the training a lot easier compared to other dogs.

These dogs tend to grow around a positive environment.


Nothing in this world is more adorable than a dachshund. Unlike many dogs on this list, the dachshund is meant for hunting.

Normally, you would see them hunting foxes, rabbits, and badgers around the street.

Besides being good at the haunting, in the modern age, they make a great companion for the family.

The sausage-shaped body is really attractive to people. That’s why they are one of the most popular dogs out there in the market.

These dogs are also capable of handling sports events, as their unique body makes them go through tunnels faster.

Bichon Frise

This furry ball of white snow is very friendly and playful. The black eyes and the white coats make them stand out in the crowd.

They are, in fact so adorable, some might confuse the dog with a child’s toy.

These dogs can be a wonderful companion for the kids because of their looks and having the energy for good play.

Just like other dogs on the list, these dogs can’t handle the loneliness, the anxiety will kick in once they are left alone.

Because of the height, these dogs are recommended for the people who live in an apartment.

That’s why so many people bring this dog breed on their journey because of height to fit under an airplane seat.


The face just says a lot with this dog. These dogs are raised to be companion dogs.

Being covered with a furry coat, small in size, cuddle friendly, cute eyes, long hair, make this dog a must-have for anybody.

This means, the training part will be over quick, and these dogs have the energy to play for hours.

You can have Havanese participate in a sports event and helping out disabled people.

Havanese can get anxious if left alone for weeks without their masters around.

These dogs are known to be very friendly to people, if you have family members living with you, then this dog will give them more than enough.


So as you can see there are plenty of small dogs that can travel with you in the cabin and if you have one of these breeds then you shouldn’t have any trouble boarding an airline.

However, it’s always wise to check with your airline ahead of time before booking your flight as the rules can vary with each airline.

You will also need to book your flight in advance as there are a limited number of pets that are allowed in the cabin at one time. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

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