Where Do Dogs Sleep While Camping? (5 Places)

Camping With a Dog- Where Does He Sleep?

You can be a camping and dog lover both at the same time. Yes, you read it Right.

Camping with your Dog or dogs is great fun. Wonder you and your pets are amidst a natural setting where both can enjoy a free life.

Amidst woodlands, along a quietly flowing river, with birds chirping overhead and the sun setting down beautifully, life seems beautiful when you camp.

However, one prime concern is When camping with a dog: Where will the dog (s) sleep?

Most campers find it convenient to share the same tent with their Dog.

When the matter is about not one but several dogs, a camping tent will become crowded.

And with that, we are going straight into the discussion for “Where do Dogs sleep when camping”?

Camping with a Dog

Depending upon the type of Camping you are up for; there are many sleeping places available for your Dog. For example,

  • If you are RVing, both you and your pet already have ample space to sleep. Even if you have plans for tenting, you can flexibly plan your Dog’s bed in the R.V.
  • If you are Backpacking, it means you will have to carry lightweight, compact yet ample bedding.
  • While camping in a wooded forest, the tent must be secure enough to safeguard you and your pet from the wildlife all night.
  • For beach camping, sand-shedding materials, which are also waterproof, are a must.

Considering how far you are going for Camping, there are several bedding options to carry along.

It can be anything from lightweight to conventional, Inflatable, and so on.

Where Do Dogs Sleep When Camping?

How do you tent camp with a dog? While the best place for your Dog to sleep is inside the tent right next to you, this isn’t the only option, and we have a list prepared for the same.

Wondering much? Leave it all and have a look at our recommendations below:

In your Tent

Your tent is the most comfortable, safe, and ideal option while looking for options for your Dog’s overnight sleep.

Because you are in a completely new space, it will give them solace and prevent separation anxiety.

Though inside a tent, there are few locations where your Dog can sleep comfortably:

  • Inside your or separate sleeping bag.
  • Their dog bed (carry along from home).
  • Over a blanket or tent floor (depending upon the weather).
  • Inside dog kennel/ carrier (carry along from home).

However, before finalizing these options, make sure your tent is big/ spacious enough to accommodate everyone.

A medium or big-sized dog takes up sleeping space as much as a grown-up human.

So if you are two of you sleeping together, opt for a three-person tent.

Increase the space depending upon how many dogs are accompanying you.


If you are not habitual of letting your Dog sleep beside you, their smell will surely make the experience difficult.

Inside a Camping Dog kennel

If not inside your tent, you can buy your Dog their little kennel (or big depending upon their size).

The regular kennels and crates you use at home are their den but a little bulky to carry along.

If conditions are convenient, you can load, drag, unfold, or disassemble your Dog’s kennel and take it along.

However, if this doesn’t seem convenient, then invest in a camping dog kennel.

Look for portable and compact camping kennels, probably the one that folds.

Make sure it is secure well (for protection against wild animals), and its base does not touch the ground (so your Dog stays dry and comfortable all way long).


While camping kennels are portable, they are still bulky for backpackers.

Also, it still keeps interaction possibilities between your Dog and wildlife quite open.

In Camping chair

If you are a regular camper, investing in a few gears will never harm you.

Like a camping Kennel, a caping chair will provide another comfortable sleeping space for your Dog.

Besides this, it is even more portable to take around, even if you are on your own.


The only downside of a camping chair is that unless the chair isn’t inside your tent, it is not safe.

Though it is portable, compact, and comfortable, it opens up all modes of risks for your Dog while camping in the wild.

Be it animals, weather, or theft; risks are many.

In Hammock

While Camping near a beach or other safe campgrounds, a Hammock is another place where you can let your Dog sleep.

It is possibly the most portable gear to carry and manage. Or some camping sites even provide Hammock readily available (though confirm beforehand for dog use).


If it is cold outside, sleeping in Hammock can give your Dog a tough time. Some really warm blankets will do the job, though.

Further, unless you have added an insect net or mosquito net, the night can prove a struggle for your Dog.

In your Car/ Recreational Vehicle

Letting your dog sleep in the car or R.V. is always one option on the list.

It provides your dog with ultimate protection from the weather, wild, insects, and fellow campers.

You can also carry their beds along, kennel, crate, or whatever makes your Dog feel homely.


Leaving dogs inside cars or R.V.s overnight unattended is extremely dangerous.

Unless you are planning to sleep inside the car, we advise you to opt-out of these options.

While it is winter, a car or R.V. will behave as a weather shield.

Though in summers or even mild weather, vehicles’ internal temperature can lead to heat exhaustion.

Is Camping with a Dog safe? Do Dogs find it comfortable during Camping?

Besides where your Dog will sleep while Camping, there are several other concerns you cannot neglect.

From knowing about the place where you are heading to camp and more, the preparation goes a long way.

Does the camping site allow dogs?

Before you plan anything else, ensure whether the camping site allows dogs or not.

And even if it does, if your Dog is not social enough, planning a camping trip with him is not worthy.

Camping sites that allow dogs will naturally have a lot more dogs or pets there.

And if your little furry buddy is aggressive around other humans and dogs, you are going to have a tough time.

General Tips for Camping with A Dog

Camping with your Dog sounds fun, but without proper planning, fun isn’t guaranteed.

Here are some tips if you are planning for Camping with a dog:

  • Train your Dog some social behavior

Of course, if you own a dog, you must have trained them for a lot of things.

But because you are going to share a public campsite, they must know how to behave with others around.

Train them in some basic commands that can ensure sociability and companionship.

  • Carry proper I.D.

Again, because you are at a public place, make sure your Dog carries some I.D.

With that, we mean, up to date their lease with your contact information.

It must include your name, phone number, address, and email. A microchip is always additional protection.

  • Make them comfortable with their new camping gears

Like humans, dogs too take some time while adjusting to a new environment.

And some of them can behave adversely while you are first time together for Camping.

Thus, before you actually head forward, let them inspect their gear and feel comfortable with them.

  • For Camping in the wild, invest in dog shoes.

Generally, most of the camping sites are well managed.

However, you cannot let your Dog hurt their paws with some sharp stone or glass particles around.

Or if you are camping off-site directly amidst woodland, make your Dog wear shoes and save their paws.

  • Prepare “Dog Essentials” checklist.

It is not only the sleeping bed but a lot of things you will require for your Dog during Camping.

some Dog Camping essentials are:

  • Lease, collar and spare for both
  • Water and Food bowls
  • Dog Food and treat
  • Drinking water
  • Dog Medicines (Canine first aid kit)
  • Poop scooper and disposable bags
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  • Up to date Medical Considerations
  • Dog’s clothes and towels
  • Saline wash
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  • Safety light

If possible, attach a GPS Tracker with your Dog

Partying words

And with that, we believe you are all prepared for your next caping with a dog.

Spending some time amidst nature is both fun and a necessity for you and your Dog.

They can run, play and have their own time exploring a world they probably didn’t know about.

Even though your Dog’s sleeping concern is sorted, the planning does not really end here.

Before you actually make a plan, make sure your dog is fit and ideal for Camping.

If the campsite requires walking, make sure you own an ideal dog for hiking.

In short, all the plans you make should ensure safety and comfort for your little canine buddy.