10 Reasons Why Your Dog Poops In The Car

How would you like to have your car filled with the Dog poop? Sounds gross right?

Well, it’s a reality for many people mainly because some dogs can get very stressed and anxious when they first get in a car.

Unfortunately, dogs are unable to control their bowels when they feel anxious or stressed,

and when the car is in motion this can be a stressful time for them.

It’s important to try and keep your dog from feeling this way by taking breaks along the way.

Make sure that you paying attention to any signals that tell you he needs to go for a poop.

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons why your dog may poop in the car,

however, there could be a number of other reasons which we are going to cover in this article below.

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Poops In The Car?

1. Anxiety

If your dog is anxious while getting inside the car, it may not be too difficult to understand why they poop.

Dogs that are nervous or frightened will often poo in response to a situation or environment they’re unhappy with.

This is very common with puppies that are not used to being in cars. They may also experience travel sickness which can be a trigger for pooping in the car.

2. Stress

Another reason why your dog might be pooping in the car is stress.

Dogs can feel stressed when they’re on a long trip, or when there are other dogs around them in the car that they don’t know.

Some dogs might also be sensitive to motion, while others may have an aversion to being enclosed in a small space with no windows or fresh air resulting in your pup getting stressed.

3. Excitement

With some dogs too much excitement can cause them to poop and being in the car is no exception. If a dog needs to go poop then unfortunately they will just let it go.

Excitement also leads to increased heart rate in your dog which means that they could poop more frequently. This can be very frustrating especially when the dog is excited about going on a road trip.

4. Dogs Age

The dog’s age can definitely play a part in how often they poop in the car.

Some dogs might be more likely to have accidents if their elderly are slowing down or need assistance getting into the car.

The same goes for puppies that haven’t really spent any time in a car before. Which are also more likely they are to get carsick that could cause them to poop.

5. Frightened

If the dog is frightened when in the car then this could be a plausible reason why they might poop.

Some dogs may get nervous and scared because a car is an unfamiliar environment and the fact that cars can travel at high speed.

When a car travels at high speed the dog might feel uneasy!

If this is the case and you’re going on a long road trip you should pull over for plenty of breaks so your dog can stretch their legs.

6. Loud Noises

Loud noises can induce fear in a dog that can result in them pooping in the car! Some cars can get very loud as well as passing cars that could startle your dog.

Some dogs might not be able to handle the noises, however, some can cope well when exposed to these loud noises without pooping. It really depends on how confident your dog is with loud noises.

7. Strange Smells

If there is a strange smell in the car, your dog could find it unpleasant and react with fear or anxiety which may lead to them pooping.

for example, some dogs are sensitive to perfume and odors like cigarettes.

The dog can also react negatively to the gas fumes if the smell is strong enough.

The smell of food from a passing food truck or if it’s your lunch can make your dog poop.

8. Too Much Food

Feeding your dog too much food before a road trip can cause them to poop in the car.

Even if your dog has already relived themselves before the trip they may need to go multiple times depending on how much the dog has eaten!

Not only that but if your dog has eaten a lot and then gets in the car then this can lead to an upset stomach and in turn, your dog will need to poop.

9. Uncomfortable

Dogs can be uncomfortable in the car for a number of reasons: they’re not used to riding, you drive too fast or it could be that the ride is too bumpy and the dog is unable to seat comfortably.

In order to make them feel more comfortable, the ride should be as smooth and calm as possible.

You can use blankets in order to make the seats more comfortable for the dog to lay on.

10. Dog Is Restless

A restless dog can also result in them pooping in the car and this is mainly down to the dog being excited.

To solve this problem try providing them with access to treats or toys that will keep them distracted.

Giving your dog plenty of exercises before you head out on your trip is another good way to tire your dog,

however, this is more long road trips! The last thing you want is a tired down if you are only 5 minutes away from your destination.

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How To Stop Your Dog Pooping in the Car?

There are many ways that dog owners can try and help calm their dogs down while traveling by vehicle such as playing soothing music; making sure the windows are open so fresh air blows across their faces.

There is no magic bullet answer for how to stop your dog from pooping in a car.

Dogs have their own mindsets about what’s acceptable behavior when placed into new scenarios, which means not all methods will work for each canine!

However, you can work to reduce anxiety by making the inside of the car as comfortable as possible.

If your doggy companion still seems uneasy, try distracting them with some favorite treats or toys.

To prevent Dog Poops In The Car Try this:

  • Place a blanket or towel in your dog’s favorite spot in the car.
  • Place some of his/her toys and treats so they have something to do while riding in the car.
  • Drivers should refrain from making sudden stops or turns when driving with pets inside of vehicles.
  • Be mindful of snacks like chicken jerky, bacon, ham, etc.: these can cause upset stomachs which may lead to accidents. Instead, opt for small bits of dry dog biscuits.
  • You can also use Disposable Doggy Diapers to stop accidents from happening.
  • What makes them special is that they have an odor-absorbing coating on the inside which will reduce your dog’s urge to poop while in the car.
  • Finally, make sure that rides are short (less than 15 minutes) during peak times where dogs will need more potty breaks due to higher levels of anxiety.”

Using good comfortable crates can also help reduce anxious behaviors and provide a safe haven for your pet.

For example, if you’re going on an extended trip (like driving across the country) it’s worth investing in a best-in-class dog travel crate.

Not only will a dog crate keep your dog safe in the car but if your dog does poop in the car then a crate will reduce the mess and you won’t get it on the seats of your car.

However, you should learn how to secure a dog crate in a car so the dog is fully protected if there are any accents.

Cleaning The Car Seats

Cleaning dog poop out of a car seat is not an easy task. It can be even more difficult when you’re trying to do it without wearing a mask and gloves.

The best way for cleaning the seats and floor mats is to use soap and water, depending on what type of interior you have? If your car has leather seats then it shouldn’t be that hard to clean!

However, if you have cloth seats then this is going to take some elbow grease to remove the stain.

Once the stain has been removed, you may want to consider using things like carpet cleaners and air freshers to help with the smell.


We hope these tips have helped you understand why your dog poops in the car so much better! It might be wise to pay attention to what he or she is trying to tell you.

When dogs often poop in the car they will give you plenty of signs before they do! To avoid this situation make sure you keep an eye out and watch your dog closely.

Also, don’t forget to stop at regular intervals during the trip or if possible traveling by plane instead of by road.

And remember that it may not just be anxiety – some breeds are notoriously bad about carsickness like Labradors!

If you’re trying to get your dog used to car rides but they just seem uninterested or restless, try taking a short drive around the block before heading out on longer journeys.

Don’t forget! When you’re taking your dog with you, pack up some Poop Patrol Poo Bags, or pick up EcoPouch biodegradable bags before heading out on your adventure as you will need them.

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